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2005 - Interview
PostPosted: 01.01.2008 17:40 Reply with quoteBack to top

Singer-Dancer's Job Isn't Easy
"There's no other job more tired than being a dance singer. Sometimes after the concert, I feel exhausted and even dizzy."
Singer Rain expressed his regret about the prejudice on singer dancers.

Inthepresscon on May 24, "People always recognise the singers whosingsentimental songs, whereas dance singers cannot get anypositivecomments on their music. I feel regret about that." Rain said,"Dancesingers can be quite talented in terms of singing skills andexpressingmusical elements."

He continued, "Well, the situationis muchbetter now. However, sentimental songs always win comments like'he/shesings well'... whereas dance songs are often depreciated; somejust saythey never hear it before."

"To be frank, I think thatnoother job is more exhausting than being a dance singer," Rainsaid."After singing 23-24 songs in concert, I may experiencedizziness.After my debut, I insisted on doing 2-hour runs on thetreadmill andpractising my singing at the same time, until now. Well, Istill feelvery tired sometimes."

"I hope all the singers can berecognisedequally, no matter if they can sing very well, if theirperformancesare better than singing, or if they do well in bothperformance andsinging." "I'm working hard so that I can be the real'artist' in thefuture."

Rain will perform at Tokyo Dome today at7pm. He is thefirst Korean artist to have his concert at this location,which isfamous for baseball sports and top star concerts.

Rain more popular than Beyonce
SingerRAIN(Jeong Jihun, 25) expressed his confidence to his Tokyo concertwhich isheld on May 25. In the presscon at 4pm, May 24, Rain told themedia hisdetermination and confidence to present the most fabulousshow.

It is said that many artists and entertainers from Japan, USA and other Asian countries are going to this concert.

Q: Any comments now? One day left and your concert is coming soon.

Rain:I'vebeen worried and afraid about it, how would it be if the concerthall ishalf-seated, or even less than that? Tokyo Dome was initiallyproposedby Japan organiser. As what I know, not too many Japaneseartists areable to perform here. So far the ticket selling is morethan Beyonce'sconcert.

(StarM revealed that 43,000 tickets were sold by May 24.)
(Japan clouds left message in Korean site, so far 45,000 tickets were sold.)

Q:What is the uniqueness of this concert?

Rain: Personally I think audio effect is most important, followed by visual enjoyment and special effects, etc

Q: What's your feeling during the concert?

Rain:Istill have a lot to improve, but recently I started to understandwhatis live performance, and I also learn how to interact better withfans.Going through more and more performances, I can feel theimprovement. Iwill say these are real life lessons. Although we facemany hurdles,sometimes good things appear unexpectedly, too.

Q: There are comments saying Sydney concert failed...

Rain:Mistakesare unavoidable in every concert, they can be big or smallmistakes. Idon't think Sydney concert is a failure. Our crew work wellamongourselves, but there was some communication problems withlocalorganisers. However, I believe these are very good learnings forfuturework.

Q: Heard that your health is affected due to tight schedule of performances

Rain:Manyare worried about my health. Nonetheless, let's come to the factthatthere are 100 over staff behind me, my body doesn't belong tomyself. IfI fall down, I'll be too embarrassed to face them. So when Ithink ofthem, I feel energetic again.

Q: The highlights in this show?

Rain:Narrowmy eyes and GRIN (laugh). The visual effect is really splendid,itreflects the Korean and Oriental aesthetics perfectly! I guesspeoplemight know about the show because the world tour covers lot ofplaces,but we always want to try new elements. So the world tour is averywonderful stage performance, no matter where it is. I hope it canbe ahappy and enjoyable concert.

Q: Any special guest?

Rain:Manypeople are coming, including some artists and entertainers fromJapan,Asia and USA. I would like to show them our performance level. Iwon'tbe nervous, but I swear I'm gonna make it.

About Rain's visit to cancer patient
Raintalkedabout his visit to a cancer patient (she is a cloud) during theworldtour presscon at Pegasus Hall in 42th level of Tokyo Dome Hotel,4pm onMay 24. StarM and JYPE representatives attended the presscon aswell.

Regardingmedia's enquiry about "Visit to cancer patient",Rain said, "Anyone whoreads that letter will visit the patient forsure... Every person withhuman sympathy will at least go and seeher..."

Rain continued,"I know better than others about thepains that those patients sufferfrom, as well as how torturing it isto the family of the patients. Iexperienced it before. [jj: he referedto the period when his mother wasunder treatment.]"

"But I'm so sorry that this matter is open to public, I sincerely hope that the patient can fight against the cancer."

Rainvisiteda cancer patient in hospital last year on Oct 8. She is his fanandunfortunately she was diagnosed to have stomach cancer (laststage).Rain also provided some medical fees to her.

The rest of the contents are mentioned in the article "Rain pays tribute to outgoing manager."

Source: SPN, Edaily, Starnews, & Naver
Chi translation by lovebi_rain@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug@rain-malaysia
Credit: dsl99a@Rain-USA

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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