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Interview in 2007
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My Name is Jung Ji Hoon

"I've liked heavy rain since my childhood, always felt that it was very melancholy, therefore I took
this as a stage name." In 2 short years, this name Rain has gone along with "Full House", along
with his hot and vigorous dance, and has gone along to spreading all over the world with his first
Hollywood movie. The night of the mid-autumn festival, South Korean star Rain arrived in China, to
dance away in the mid-autumn festival with Chinese fans. Afterwards, Rain and Chinese 'flier' Liu
Xiang met unexpectedly at the Daegu Athletic Meeting. Liu Xiang cracked a joke and said, "I am
your fan." After returning to South Korea for a short rest, Rain quickly returned to China, gave his
first performance in Shanghai, causing an innumerable number of fans to go crazy. Before then,
Rain specially accepted our reporter's interview, and carefully signed his own name. Obviously, he
is still not familiar with Chinese characters, but he accurately read out "High-Quality Goods
Shopping Guide" in Chinese, therefore, "High-Quality Goods Shopping Guide" if read in Chinese
Pinyin is "Jing Pin Gou Wu Zhi Nan".

Reporter: You've come to China for the mid-autumn festival this year. How do you spend this day
in South Korea, and which family member brings a lot of meaning to you during this time?

RAIN: There is also mid-autumn festival in South Korea, and it's on the same day as the festival in
China. It is also South Korea's most important traditional holiday. On this day, some South Koreans
worship their ancestors, or they also generally pay respects and visit the graves (or sweep the
graves) of family members who have passed away. My mother died earlier on, so whenever this
day comes, I will get up very early to go give her sacrificial offerings. Aside from this year's mid-
autumn festival in China, majority of the time I do not set any work commitments during the festival
and definitely spend the time with my family.

Reporter: Coming to China, what is your impression of it? What is your impression of Beijing?

RAIN: I have always thought that China is a country with extreme potential, the quick development
is quite shocking! I am quite familiar with Beijing, the several times of promotions and performances
have all been in Beijing. Although I have not officially gone to the Great Wall or Tiananmen
Square, but the several times I've been by, I've thought of Beijing as a city with the most character
and style.

Reporter: In China, what is the major difficulty that you encounter?

RAIN: The language barrier. This makes me think that perhaps the difference in language is the
reason why the Chinese cannot accept me 100%.  

- - - - - - - - - - -

Reporter: First time acting in the Hollywood movie <Speed Racer>, how does it feel? The directors
who directed <The Matrix>, have you seen it? How was your relationship with them?

RAIN: I feel extremely lucky to be able to work with this director. I have watched his movie, and
although I am not qualified to make any judgements on him, I think he works extremely hard, and is
scrupulous about every single detail. Although our languages were different, Hollywood  created
an extremely wonderful environment for the actors to work in. In order to enable the actors to adapt
to their roles, there were many preparations during the earlier period, even more than we
ourselves had imagined and were prepared for. I was not only provided with a special language
teacher, but for the racing and fitness aspects I was also provided with an instructor.

Reporter: Heard that during the <Speed Racer> press conference in Berlin, you suggested that
the name "Rain" not be used but rather with your own Korean name Jung Ji-hoon, why so? What
does this name "Rain" mean?  

RAIN: In the Korean movie <I'm A Cyborg, but That's OK> I had used my given name. Rain is a
stage name that I took on when I made my debut. I hope that in the film and acting circle everyone
can remember my given name instead. Of course, this name Rain in Engilsh is something which
people from the whole world knows, and it is also my important symbol.

Reporter: Let's chat about this movie <Speed Racer>. In this you are an Asian race car driver?
What different feelings do you have from this compared to your usual romantic roles in your
Korean work? What kind of surprises can we look forward to?  

RAIN: I am greatly anticipating this movie. I don't have a lot of movements in this movie, must see
how things turn out after the final editing and such. This kind of role that brings out the charm of a
man, I suppose, can be the dream role of every male actor!  

Reporter: Making preparations to develop into Hollywood?

RAIN: For such a plan, I hope that next year in May when the movie is released Hollywood will truly
come to know of me, and at the same time I also hope to promote my individual album in the US.

Reporter: Do you usually like car racing? Do you like watching cartoons?

RAIN: I usually do not have many opportunities to personally go to the race car competitions, but I
do pay attention to it. Before I use to like cartoons a lot, but now I don't have time to watch very

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Reporter: What kind of male disposition do you possess? Are there any resemblance between you
and your character in <Full House>?

RAIN: I am more of an introvert, I do not like talking, am shy with strangers. Only after being truly
familiar with someone can I become friends with the other person. And only after truly becoming
friends am I then able to let loose. Just like in <Full House>, our occupation is an entertainer, and
we are not good at expressing when we come across the person we love. In actuality this question
has been asked many times over, I think between the real human and the character, there are
coincidences and differences.

Reporter: Do you think in real life, when a rich and famous male entertainer meets a attractive
female with a "fall of soul", is there the possibility of him associating with her? If it was you, what
would you do?  

RAIN: I think it depends on fate, perhaps there is the sincere liking, and if there is also the
opportunity for long-term contact, perhaps on the foundation of mutual understanding I may also
fall deeply in love. But I think in real life the possibility of such fortuitous encounter is not easy to

Reporter: How do you think Chinese women and South Korean women are different? Will you look
for a Chinese girlfriend? Will you yearn for the kind of romantic love in <Full House>?

RAIN: Chinese women are extremely beautiful, very natural, full of self-confidence and able to
maintain themselves. I won't mind too much on nationality, but if due to the language and not being
able to have exchanges then I think it makes it difficult to communicate. At the very least the
language should be the same. The delightful ending of <Full House> was possibly what everyone
had yearn for, but it is still a soap opera afterall. There is always the disparity between the ideal
and the reality. So while I am unceasingly maturing I cannot have too many fantasies, must remain
conscientious. It is better to be realistic when encountering people around me and other matters.    

Reporter: Your leading role in <A Love To Kill> brought much attention, and was considered a tear-
jerker (or literal translation a 'tear-gas bomb' hehe). Can you chat with us regarding your feelings
on playing this role?  Do you think this drama will draw equal liking from the Chinese audience as
<Full House> has?

RAIN: <A Love To Kill> was the 3rd drama series that I filmed in South Korea. The character that I
played was quite complex, a lot more difficult than my previous 2 roles. Maybe because it was even
more separated from reality, the demand for performing skills was quite high. This role was
extremely challenging, and it is a tragic character. I think our Chinese friends should be able to like
this drama.

- - - - - - - - - - -

Reporter: Every so often, you speak through music, and you express through dance. What is the
difference between this and acting? Which one gives you more of the impulse to express?  

RAIN: I think that singing and dancing is also a kind of performance, and what makes this different
from acting is, while on stage you can see the audience off-stage, you can hear their responses,
and these responses can stimulate me to respond differently in return while on stage. It is probably
this kind of 'short distance' feeling with the audience that cannot be felt in a drama or film.

Reporter: In China and in South Korea, do you have any idols of your own? Have you watched
Chinese movies and television series? What kind of impression do they leave you with? Is there
anyone specific whom you'd like to work with?  

RAIN: I really like Jackie Chan, Steven Chow, and also director Ang Lee, I like a lot of people. If
there is the opportunity, I hope to work with both a good actor and a good director.

- - - - - - - - - - - -

Reporter: These days more and more South Korean actors are making their development in
China. We describe them as coming to China to "pan for gold". How do you regard this? Will you
come to develop yourself in China?  

RAIN: I think the Chinese market is very big, and it's also very complex. We are still South Koreans
after all, we probably still don't understand too much of the Chinese market. I think that when we
first came to China was the time when China needed us, we had came at just the right time, and
therefore we've been able to receive such a warm response from our Chinese friends. My fans say
that the number of times that I come are too few, I really cannot visit China frequently. So if there
are any special important activity, for them to be able to see me--to the fans and to me--is a very
good thing.  

Reporter: Do you pay attention to the development of other South Korean actors in China? For
instance Jang Dong-gun's <Promise>, Choi Ji-woo's <101 Proposal>, or for instance Ahn Jae-
wook, Cha In-pyo and Chae Rim filming movies in China?

RAIN: I think that the fact that these entertainers can work with Chinese stars is a really great thing.
And I admire them over the fact that they can obtain success in China. If there is a good script, I
too would not give up the opportunity to cooperate with the Chinese.

Reporter: South Korean entertainers' performances in Chinese film and television are barely
satisfactory, not even close to the 'shine' that they have in their Korean works, why do you think
this is such?

RAIN: Maybe the biggest reason is cultural and language differences. What other people say I may
not judge. If there is something that everyone is not entirely happy about, I suppose that there are
various factors, and the fault should not just be on the entertainers alone.

Reporter: Bai Yuhong
Source: fasion.sg.com.cn
Posted by rainhk
Chinese to English Translation: dsl99a-rain-usa

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