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May 2007 - Quotations (Zitate) from Rain
PostPosted: 04.02.2008 00:15 Reply with quoteBack to top

Quotations from Iron Man - Mr Jeong Jihun
credits to:myjeongjihun.com

Quote 1: Endless diligence, Endless patience, Endless modesty

Quote 2: Those right-handed must practice more if they want to use their left hand to feed themselves.
Withoutsweats and blood in practices, they will unconsciously use their righthands. Only with tough trainings they will use their left handsnaturally.

Quote 3: Every morning I look at myself in the mirror, Iswear that the same expression must be shown in my eyes in the nextmorning... And hence, I examine myself in the mirror everyday...

Quote4: There are many singers who can do better than me. "I must surpassRain!" Many newbies now have this thought...However, when they sleep 10hours, I sleep 5... and practicing harder... I hope when Korean gooverseas and talking about "Bi", they feel proud, too...I want to bethe best singer, regardless when and where...I wish I can hear commentslike this: If China has Bruce Lee, then Korea has "Rain (Bi)".

Quote5: If you are looked down by others, you'll make up your mind and thatfirm decision will push you to work harder! From then on you become aterrible person. I'm scared, I'm scared that I will lose to myself. I'mafraid that I will stop... I hesitate if I should sleep or practice andfinally, I choose sleeping... All these terrify me...You can only gainsomething after you experience the pain.
Quote 6: Sometimes I can'treally feel that I'm living. Life is so busy until I will questionmyself: Why I have to live like this? But I just can't give up whenchances are there... I've made up my mind: I will focus on my careersince I'm young. Although it sounds tough, endless practice is stillthe most desired whenever I have time...

Quote 7: To be frank, aftermeeting with Mr Armani, I think "I'm still young!" He's more than 70but I'm only 24. I don't mean he is too old, in fact I wanna say I haveanother 50 years compared to him...
No matter how, I still have the chances - The chances to surpass Mr Armani.

Quote8: I hope others can recognize my talents, and not just simply be fondof me. Who knows to what extend I can develop and what kind of image Ican show up in the future? The difficulties behind mainly come frommyself and not from others.

Quote 9: "If you stay too comfortable, you may fall down" In my high school, I was told about this.
I write down and paste it on the ceiling so that I can read it when I lay down. Keep reminding myself cannot be too relaxed..

Quote10: After dancing and singing 2-3 songs, I felt the sharp pain,something in my body seems to emerge...By then, I will think of thegrandma who sold me the cassette and I'll defeat the great pain..

Quote11: When I was still a newbie, people around responded "Who is thiskid?". Every time I walked up to the stage, I was eager to attract morefans... "I don't care they have other business in their mind, I mustmake him/her become my fans" .Among thousands of audience, there mustbe someone staring at me. Hoping so, I can dance more freely andhappily in front of them.

Quote 12: I think over and over againduring my overseas activities, and I feel that I must improve myEnglish soonest possible. I'm thinking in English these days, if myEnglish is okay then I face less hurdles when developing in foreignmarkets...

Quote 13: Even if I only have 1 minute or 1 second in mylife, I'll do my best, too! I'm curious how far can I go on with mycapability. By then, when I recall my past upon death, I will say mylife is a great achievement, regardless of how many success and failureI faced. Why I say so? It's because I've been working hard for it!Either new challenges or things that can be done with efforts, I dareto try it, including the things I'm not confident with.

Quote 14: 3min 14 sec. In this period of time, a singer is mannequin if he/shesings and dances, singers are also actors. A smile, a change inexpression, it's a way to communicate with audience.
During my 2nd album, I seldom danced but I shake hands with the audience, the response was good.
Singersneed 100% acting skills when they are performing on the stage, thereare expressions in the dance steps as well! I would like to make myfans be mine forever....40 years later when it's raining,
they will say "Ah, there was a singer called Rain..."

Quote15: Day after day, I become more and more greedy, until I stand at hereright now. It's embarrassing frankly. I mean, people speak good thingsand give wonderful titles... To make myself worth for those stuffs,there's still a long way to go...Probably everyone can see a moremature Rain next year.

Quote 16: I put in 100% efforts foreverything I do, so I can stand up confidently and never be ashamed. Iwant to be a hardworking RAIN, no matter how. If there's a list for allsingers in the world,
I hope it writes "A hardworking singer –Rain". In my opinion, the mindset is always more important than theperiod of time spent.

To me: Working is joyful, hardships areprecious experiences. I don't have inborn talents, thus I must practiceharder, when the rest are sleeping I'll still working...That's how I amable to dance so well.

I always have internal battles with myself, so let me be the winner again! --- from Rain's third album.

Quote17: "If I work seriously everyday, what would I be after 10 years?"Because of this idea, I increase my training sessions everyday. Inother words, I practice non-stop. --- Dec 2006, MBC News Desk

Quote18: He doesn't look like new actor at all, he is really a professionalactor! During filming, his great passion made we wonder: From where hegains so much energy? Sometimes he played like a naughty child,butwithin 10 seconds, tears shimming in his eyes, immediately he couldinterpret the complicated emotions...--- comments from Director ParkChan-wook.

He is young but he is firm and honest. As an actor, hehas many things for us to learn, he is a good partner and a charismaticfriend. Jihun is very hardworking, it looks quite horrible sometimesbut I would like to learn this from him. I was surprised when Idiscovered his unique charisma, it can't be found in other male actors.Speaking truly, enthusiastic Rain is the most attractive. --- commentsfrom actress Im Soo-jung.

Quote 19: Jeong Jihun touched his audienceby his truly emotions, not the acting skills. Ignoring his singeridentity, I think I discover a wonderful actor. As an actor, he is ashining diamond who often touches people's hearts.

Jihun neversays "NO". Whenever I asked him "Can you do it?" He just said "Yes"(From the viewpoint of script writer) Hence it creates the trustbetween us and I can write the scripts without any limitation. In<IJUKSA>, the mixing emotions of love and hate were difficult toexpress. However, he never complained... He read the script anddigested the role himself quietly... He's someone you can never findhis weakness. --- Author/ Script writer Lee Kyung-hee

Quote 20: If someone doesn't appreciate Jihun's spirit, well then I doubt his/her personal values.
Jihunworked diligently and crazily, everyday I was inspired and encouraged.It is true that Rain has no time to rest, lingering between 'filmingand studying scripts'...There was spare time occasionally and I thoughthe will take a nap. But from my observation, he kept studying thescripts...--- TALENT (TV drama actor, Kim Sung-su)

There are some young actors recently, they played the main roles in their first drama and won awards!
Yetonly 2 out of 10 can insist until the end.As an actor, Rain has thehigh chance to continue his career until the end. Most importantly, heknows how to respect the seniors and very polite.--- TALENT Jin Zhiying(pinyin)
Although we are same age, he looks more mature. Beingsinger and actor, from him I have many things to learn. --- TALENT SongHyekyo

Quote 21: During the filming, I never saw him yawn, he paidstrong attention. There's no shortcut to achieve success. Whenever Isee Jihun, I'll question back myself. He has ultimate concentration andextraordinary diligence, he must be a good actor.--- Actress Shin Min-ah

Jihun is the TOP star but he's always humble, many changed themselves after being famous but not Jihun. --- Actor Lee Ki-woo

It'stough to do action scenes without replacement, yet I can see Jihun isdoing it seriously. I felt regreted when he was hurt, he is a very goodfriend and always gives the best. --- Director Kim Kyu-tae

Quote 22: If you want to be respected, you should take the initiative to greet your juniors and seniors.
Regardless of talents and strength, others won't recognize you if you are not polite.

Quote23: Never lose hope when you look upward at something you admire.Neverbe arrogant when you look downward. No matter that it's a game or atraining, you must put in all efforts. I wish I can be an artist,instead of just an entertainer. --- Rain's advice to the participantsin Superstar Survivial

Something that can refrain one to be self-satisfied.I'm often worried that myself becomes arrogant.
Howgood it is if the presents are attached with the equipment to refrainone to be self-satisfied and proud. --- Rain's answer about the mostexpected present.

Quote 24: Rain is the future. Rain has theterrible capability to stride across Eastern and Western. --- AmericanTV Station, ABC PD

Quote 25: A passionate actor! Other than mysinger identity....To be a real actor, I would like to hear such vitalcompliment, too!

Quote 26: Before World Tour: Recalling the timewhen I was still a dancer, I would climb up to South Hill* whenever Ifelt downcast....Looking down to the shining lights and thus I made upmy mind:
All of them must know my name one day. USA is in my mind,and the image of shining lights at foothill comes lively again. It'sgoing to begin...

Quote 27: With the changes in their identity, some people developed different characters and mindset,
or even the friends and people around him/her are replaced by others totally.

9years ago, I met a tall young man, he was so eager to learn dancing. Iwould never expect our relationship can continue for 10 years, nobodyever knew that this young man will become the best in Korea...

10years... Sometimes we argued when we were together. I follow my way andhe follows his, with our laughs and tears, the time quietly passed by.He's one of my best friends,
The one who is known as "Rain" now...

Althoughhe is younger, I feel he is my senior or my friend occasionally, westay together as friends and not much changes in ourselves, and Ireally appreciate that. No matter how famous he is, if he changed, Imay not be with him anymore. Can't predict how it's gonna be in thenext day. We still rely and stay with each other, and looking forwardto the stronger bond between us in the future -- message from Bagga (?)from Koyote at his personal MINI homepage.

“ Eager to be the best actor when filming the drama, Eager to be the best singer when holding the mic.
When I'm tired of acting, I go for song practices and vice versa.”

Quote28: Nominated as "The Most Influential TV30 People to change Koreamedia". A representative singer of Korea Any styles of his performancesand images shown in TV, his name will definitely spike up the mediaproduction team. -- from Time magazine

Quote 29: I make a promise before every performance....Upon stepping on the stage I will have thisin mind: Just look at me! I'm the best!

Written by 작은 서랍속@Benamoo
Chi translation by yunrain@心靈自雨吧
Updated by vivianyu@Baidu RAIN bar
Eng translation by jjbug-rain-malaysia

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