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5 June 2007 - TVN - Bi special + Videos
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This is the translation of the clip:
070605 TVN - Bi special




(posted by J.Lee @ drama thread)


Votedthe top 100 most influential in Times Magazine, World Tour and gainingentrance into Hollywood…Rain who has only just debuted 5yrs ago hasmiraculously created great success. The world is raining.

Uponhis contract expiry with JYP, Rain currently does not have any contractwith other management companies. Competition in the entertainmentindustry is stiff in trying to win Rain over. Who will Rain choose?

Disclosing first hand news. Tracking down world star – Rain!
Originalname Jung Ji Hoon, born in 25 June 1982, Cancer, Height 184cm, Weight74kg with a perfect body. Rain’s charming cute smile stimulates eventhe maternal instincts. He’s perfect and exudes a s.exy and charismaticaura. What exactly is Rain’s true personality?

Production team Q: 4 pillars/ columns forecasting “Rain”’s personality
minR:This person is not pretentious,. He has a very sincere and frankpersonality. He is full of emotions, very loving, caring, thoughtful,helpful and giving towards others. Because of this person, surroundingpeople also stand to gain from his good personality. He indeedpossesses a sincere good character.

Rain who is sincere and fullof emotions, even his character is more than perfect, seems like thereisn’t any flaw to his character, however, the production team has thisto ponder, is Rain always this perfect from the start?

Rain made his entrance into singing through a 6 member dance group named “Fan Club” in 1998.
Sincehe only started being active from age 17, there were a lot of thingsthat Rain had to learn. A boyish young kid grows up to be a matureyouth. However, after being active for 2yrs, “Fan Club” disbanded. JungJi Hoon returned to the state of being a trainee. He became Park JiYoung’s co-dancer and occasionally performed on the stage. He wentthrough 3 laborious yrs of arduous training.

Kang Soo-Jin reporter/ Sport Khan
Ican still remember on 28 April 2002. On a particular TV program, thefirst debut dance performance. It was such an eye-catching performancethat I did not even pay attention to the rest. Whenever Rain wasrehearsing, every “house” would leave the filming and watch Rainperform. Not only the female singers, even the female editors stoodthere dumb-founded, completely mesmerized by Rain’s performance. Backthen, I told Ji-Hoon that if you don’t turn out to be a mega star, Iwill put a “fire” engraver on my palm.

2002, through “Bad Guy”,Rain made a grand return as a solo singer. His name is not Jung Ji Hoonbut Rain. Donning a strong and charismatic manly outlook, he was ableto capture the hearts of many within a short time. He was awarded bestnew comer in 2002 and in the year after sweeping away the new comeraward, he did not stay where he started but through his debut in thedrama “Sang Doo, Let’s go to school”, he displayed his great actingtalent. In addition, after launching his 2nd album “Avoiding the Sun”,he gained even greater popularity. Because of this, Rain rose toworld-acclaimed stardom.

After that in 2004 where he co-starredwith Song Hye Gyo in “Full House”, not only did he attract good reviewsas an actor, at the same time, he received overwhelming response &liking by all sorts of fans across different age groups. He is renownednot only as the most popular singer but also as the most popular actor.

Raincould not see the light at the end of the tunnel when he was still withthe dance group “Fan Club”, however, upon his return as “Rain”, hegained stardom in a lightning flash manner. I couldn’t help but startto gain curiosity over his stage name “Rain”.

Lee Hae-Ri/ Reporter
Itwas said that producer Park Jin Young likes names that are original andare associated with the nature. Those stars who debuted at the sametime as Rain, including (Noel) are the same. Another reason is thatRain personally likes rain, therefore, it was only natural that both ofthem decided to use this stage name.

So, does the name Rainencompass any special success secrets? The production team paid a visitto Prof. Lee Su-Bong who specializes in names.
Lee: Jung Ji Hoon isa rare good name for guys. Rain in korean character has 5 strokes. 5means stability, which implies that this person will always be verystable.

Seems like becoming a star, naming is of utmostimportance. “Rain” has globalised and spread to Korea and Asia. In2006, Rain was nominated as one of the top 100 most influential in TimeMagazine, gaining recognition all over the world. Moreover, during hisWorld Tour, he is able to create & generate overwhelming responseon the stage as a true world star. The whole world is raining.

Thelove that no longer feels unfamiliar - known as “World Star – Rain”.The production team read an article which discussed about Rain’syounger days & grew curious about his life when he was younger.Therefore, they planned to inquire his past. Will they be able to learnmore about Rain’s past story?

Hi! Are you singer Lee Kwang-Pill?
Lee (L): Yes, why is there suddenly a take right now?
Reporter ®: We would like to understand more about Jung Ji Hoon when he was younger.
L: Jung Ji Hoon?
R: Rain
L: Ah, Rain.

Q: Do you still remember Rain when he was young?
L: I remember during the time before and after he entered primary school. I’ve seen him when he was 7-8yrs, 9 yrs old.

Ifonly I’d known that he’d become a mega star today, I’d have gottenclose to him (laugh). At that time, I was thinking that Rain alwayscouldn’t keep still, always likes to dance, even while walking. For achild who’s just 7, 8 yrs old and always dancing, to him, he mightthink that he’s dancing. But to us, we were just thinking what’s wrongwith this guy?
There was a nearby park where I’d seen him oftengathered with a few kids & danced. At that time, the career pathfor dancers was usually bleak. Therefore, I grew worried. He might getinto deep trouble if he continues like that. What’s going to happen tohis family? I worried about it a lot. However now, judging from theoutcome, Rain has indeed “created” something big!

The Rain, whostarted to dance when he was little. The park where Rain completelyimmersed in his dance seems to come to a standstill & hasn’tundergone many changes.

The production team received some news that Rain’s mum used to manage a shop nearby and they decided to find out more.

Q: Where’s the shop that Rain’s mum used to manage?
Shop owner (SO): Just next door.
Q: Do you still remember Rain”
SO:Rain is very kind-hearted. He used to play with my son when he waslittle. My son likes Hana (Rain's sis) a lot. When I asked if he likesHana..he’d answer yes. After Rain heard that, he warned my son “I dareyou try to have any interest in my sis!” Rain has an expensive airaround him when he was little.

Will these people who shared a lot of things together with Rain for a long time in the past, still remember him?

Q: Do you still remember Rain”
SO: Ji Hoon? Are you referring to the singer Rain? He’s my son’s friend. My son is in Japan right now.
Q: Is your son still in touch with Rain?
SO:Not sure…I know about his family very well. They ran a bakery shop nextdoor. Whenever there’s a sports meet, Rain would attend with his mumand everyone had meals together. Ji Hoon’s mum was really pretty. Ifshe’s still alive, she would have doted on Ji Hoon a lot. If it’s JiHoon, she would love him to death…
Rain started to dance really wellwhen he was little. That machine dancer. Whenever there’s an activitysuch as a sports meet, Ji Hoon would be a cheer-leading. He was thecheerleader. Ji Hoon’s sister Hana looks alot like Ji Hoon’s mum..hismum was very pretty…

Q: Do u still remember Rain?
SO: He usedto like to play at the park when he was little. He used to play at afaraway distance at the park and was very playful and then he wouldcome running crying out” I want to drink milk, I want to drink milk”and then he would drink together with his little sis. His mum was verypretty but her health wasn’t too good. She even had an operation at OOhospital. If she had paid more attention to her diet, maybe there’s achance that she might recover..all because she suffered a relapse…

Theycould still remember vividly the beautiful mum & the Ji Hoon thatdanced really well. Ji Hoon’s mum left him while he was still anadolescent. He could only bite the bullet to overcome this…

Kang Soo-Jin Reporter/ Sports Khan
Rainrecently said this. While practicing, he ran & sang on thetreadmill for 2hrs daily. He also endured beating when he was learningdancing. This physical pain is nothing compared to the emotional painthat he suffered due to lack of money to give to his mum. This physicalpain is in fact happiness.

Rain, that stood on top of the world,overcoming difficulties and testing his limits. His hallmark is hischarismatic performances and strong dancing capabilities. Thesecaptivated the crowd in a short time frame & created a new trend.

However,there were damaging rumours disseminating around the internet. The 1strumour is that Rain imitated American singer User. Rain publiclyconfessed that he likes Michael Jackson & Usher. Does that meanthat Rain could not escape from their strong influences? The productionteam therefore critically examined & compared Usher & Rain’sperformances. Indeed, there are many similarities. However, there aredifferences between professionals’ opinions and netizens’ opinions.Professional opinion is that these performances are merely one of theworld’s popular ways of performing.

The 2nd rumour is about the quality of Rain’s singing.
Does Rain really have problem with his singing skills?

Kim jag-ga/ Public music critic
Rain’smusic doesn’t require a high voice. The music does not emphasise on themelody but focuses on the rhythm and breathing. Therefore, to criticizeRain based on this is very meaningless…
Let’s take cars for example.If you desire a high level of comfort for a sports car, it doesn’t seemright. As Rain only sings JYP’s songs, there might be a littledisadvantage. If he works more with other music producers, will singerRain receive better and higher reviews? There’s a bit of a regret overhere…

PART 2 Continued...

The non-stopping popularity!
The life legend of Republic of Korea!
The attraction that captivates the whole world!
Singer - Rain.
The definite strong player in the entertainment world -Jung Ji Hoon.

Is Rain always so special even since his school days?
The inquisitive production team found the high school which Rain graduated from.

Students came pouring out from the school.
Rain used to wear the same uniform, going in & out of this big gate.
The production team interviewed some students who aspire to be like Rain.

Student A: Brother Rain started a dance group. The dance called “Party People” that brother Rain created continues up to now.
StudentB: I heard that apart from the time that brother Rain was studying, hepracticed dancing for 24hrs..and I heard that he was extremely quiet.
StudentC: Because he’s usually quiet, therefore he comes across as amysterious person. However, when he starts to dance, everyone will passout.

The graduate from this school – Rain, has become a miraculous figure.
Wefound the classroom where he spent a year in. Those students who arelearning in this very same space where Rain used to study, continue hisdream.
Did the Rain in the past also lead a multi-faceted & talented student lifestyle?

The production team which was interested in Rain’s student life met with the class form teacher.

Choi Eun-yeong/ “Rain’s” high school form teacher
Asfar as I know, before this, Ji Hoon started his dancing activitiessince secondary school. He was very interested in dancing in the firstplace, so he started testing out & training, and also got into anacting company. I once asked Ji Hoon, how did he manage to get into thecompany, how did he start “Fan Club” activities? He replied that he hasalways been very interested in dancing and gradually got the better ofit. He was a kid who discovered his passion in dancing early in life.

Flipping through the graduation journal, we discovered that Rain was in the same class as “Boom (Lee Ming Ho DJ/VJ).

Formteacher (FT): Rain was transferred in year 3. He had to grow his hairlong for these activities and also for his photo shoots etc.
Reporter ®: Seems like Lee Ming Ho’s hairstyle was even more extreme than Ji Hoon’s.
FT: Lee Ming Ho also started on his activities around the same time as far as I know.

The production team found something perculiar while gathering information about Rain…
Althoughit is public knowledge that Rain is kind-hearted, little did they knowthat Rain has more than 12 propaganda ambassador titles!
FromViolence Prevention propaganda ambassador (PA), Fairness in InternetVoting PA, The Fruit of Love PA to even the Girl Scouts PA.

2002: Girl Scouts Propaganda Ambassador (PA)
2003: Youth Prevention against Smoking PA
2003: Youth Committee Protection PA
2004: Fairness in Internet Voting PA
2004: Youth Studying PA
2004: Los Angeles City Reputation PA
2004: The Fruit of Love PA
2004: England Sight-seeing Hall Reputation PA
2005: Youth Prevention against Violence PA
2006: Korea Sight-seeing Society PA
2006: Local Election PA
2006: Aids Prevention PA

Reporter found a particular youth business body to further clarify the situation.

Moon Song-Hee/ Korean Girl Scouts Alliance Director
Wefeel that Rain has experienced a very challenging but yet beautifullife before he became a super star. Because of his unyielding spirit,passion and drive, we believe that he will be able to positivelyinfluence the activities of our girl scouts and our youths.

We further found out if he fully performed his duties.

Answer:If his schedule is full, he will decline respectfully. However, if hecould manage, he would do it. He allocated most time to propagandamaterial photography.

Reporter ®: Isn’t propaganda material photography a basic for a PA?
Answer:No, there are many PAs who do not do that. Honestly speaking, there arevery few artistes who take up the offer of being a propagandaambassador in the youth association.

Kim Bo-Kyung/ World Vision Propaganda team leader
We requested Jung Ji Hoon to be the propaganda ambassador for Aids Prevention.
Rain even thought beyond what we’ve thought in this area.
The original concept about the Aids bangle did not come from us but was contributed by Rain.
He said that he would like to sell this type of bangle to raise funds.
Hesaid that he would not want to be a propaganda ambassador by word ofmouth but be able to practically raise funds for the society.

World star Rain.
Its compatible reputation image has been managed very well.
As a public figure, Rain contributed his utmost within his capabilities.

Singer, actor, propaganda ambassador etc
Rain did not neglect any aspect but gave his all passionately.
Skyrocketedpopularity represents his value. How much is he worth for 10generations of females (to middle-aged) to fall so madly and deeply inlove with him?

Seo Ji-Hyun/ LG ad AE
If you want to compare with his initial appearance, it’s impossible to predict, impossible to compare.

Bae Guk Nam/ Public Cultural Critic
Like Rain, Lee Hyo Ri and stars, because there’s a demand for each area, therefore the value is whatever you quote.

Havingworld-acclaimed, Times Magazine top 100 most influential people etctitles to Rain’s belt, will we be able to estimate Rain’s value?

Seo Ji-Hyun/ AG ad AE
Comparedto 2, 3yrs of local activities, his value has inflated by approximately2 times. If you only look at twice the figure, it doesn’t seem muchdifference.
However, even 2, 3yrs ago, Rain already possessed thehighest value. Therefore if you compare now to then, 2 times incrementactually means a lot.

Moreover, there’s a strong likelihood thatRain will further prosper in the Hollywood market. Therefore, there’s apossibility that his value could rise even further, beyond the limit.

Recently, there has been an interest & attention on the income that entertainers receive.
Named entertainment annual salary X file (gossipy news and reliability level is low, please do not quote).
Asian star – BOA – $400 hundred million
Korean star – Bae Yong Joon - $329 hundred million
Republic of Korea actor – Jang Dong Gon - $67 hundred million
S.exy queen – Lee Hyo Ri - $30 hundred million
Korean MC (Yoo Jae Suk aka MC Yoo.. - Thanks nglkt for the info ^^) - $20 hundred million

How much is Rain’s annual income then?
Accordingto sources, Rain’s World Tour is estimated to reap $1000 hundredmillion. Recently he has signed a commercial filming contract for $20hundred million, which represents the highest endorsement fees in Korea.
So long as he makes the slightest movement, hundreds of millions will come flooding his way.
Very curious about his annual income.

Kang Soo-Jin Reporter/ Sport Khan
First & foremost, let’s review the situation in 2005.
In 2005, there was rumour that his salary at JYP was $140 hundred million.
In 2006, 2007 years, there should be substantial increment?
Ifwe were to estimate his commercial film endorsement fees, World Tourreturns etc., JYP’s income could have increased to approximately $200hundred million??

Is it because of this reason that he becamethe media’s headline after filming a particular real estate productionworth $32 hundred million?
How much exactly does his assets worth?
The production team decided to seek out Rain’s house.

Thisis a high-class detached residential district, the residentsinadvertently found favours as this district forms the new residencefor artistes.
Will we be able to tap some news from the small estate security office?

Reporter Q (RQ): There are many artistes living around here?
Worker R (W): Artistes do not live here.

RQ: As far as we know, there are many stars living around here.
W: I’m not so sure about this.

RQ: You don’t know? You have never seen even once?
W: Right..please quickly drive your car away. Cars need to pass..please drive it off.

RQ: Where is the Security guard room jurisdiction district?
W: Front management housing

RQ: Residents have to pay management fee?
W: You don’t have to be concern about this, that’s our business..

Even though it’s public news, security still denied.
The production team started a clueless investigation.

They discovered yet another security office nearby.
RQ: We would like to find out from you, we’d like to film here..
W: You can’t film here.

RQ: Why?
W: You are prohibited from entering here to film.

RQ: No no, just film on the street…does this road also belong to the residents?
W:Of course, this belongs to the small estate…it’s specifically built forthem..to facilitate cars from coming in & out..all belong to thesmall estate, isn’t there a pole there? It’s the same as an apartmentplot. For convenience sake, we did not make a boundary. If theresidents see you filming like this, it’d be disastrous..

Thesecurity was earnestly stopping the crew from filming. The productionteam went to a nearby real estate company to understand the situation.

RQ: How much approximately is the property around here?
W:There’s no fixed price. Generally auction is about $32 hundred million.Recently, there’s a sale of $40 hundred million, property buying &selling is not much.

RQ: How many square yards?
Q: It’s about 150 square yards including the courtyard.

RQ: Is the design and structure the same inside?
W:It’s the same. Some of them will redesign depending on their individualpreference. However, there are regulations that the residential estatehas to abide by. They can’t change the exterior appearance, rules arefixed…
They look similar from the exterior but the interior is different…

Itwas said that Rain owns a high-class residential that’s worth a marketvalue of $40 hundred million situated at Seoul’s golden real-estateprecinct – Kang Nam. The house is very distinctive from the rest. If hecan fork out that sum of money, so exactly how much does his assetsworth? We found out more from his surrounding people.

W:Originally Rain did not own a car. He only bought a car not long ago.He’s also not the type who takes the car for a spin. Recently, hebought a car for his dad.
RQ: Doesn’t he invest?
W: It was saidthat Rain’s dad is trading in securities, stocks and stuff, they arenormal securities recommended by the stockbrokers.

Rain seems to be disinterested in money. However, money from the entertainment industry seems to keep rolling towards him.
Afterleaving Park Jin Young, will Rain’s change in direction re-write themedia industry’s blueprint? This has become the focus of publicattention.

Kang Soo-Jin Reporter/ Sports Khan
If Rain signs with another firm, this will result in the most expensive contract fee ever in a long time.
Oflate, the contract fees for actors have been very high. Actually itmeans that the contract fees are high and refers to the singer’s worth.However recently, the situation seems to have reversed. Rain hasreversed the situation of a singer’s worth to be higher than that of anactor.

(Sorry I’m a bit baffled over here..I think they aretrying to say that actors used to be better-paid than singers but Rainhas reversed this situation. If louie/ sheryl has betterinterpretation, pls help. Thx!).

The contract offers made by some companies are startling and beyond our imagination.

RQ: We would like to speculate Rain’s direction in relation to his change of management company.
It was said that Star M would like to sign him for $100 hundred million and we’d like to confirm that.
OOO entertainment R: The person in charge is in Thailand at the moment.

RQ: (Offer to become part of an alliance) Is it in the agenda?
OOO: Yes, it is.

RQ: $100 hundred million contract fee is also a reality?
OOO: I’m not too sure about that. That’s taken care of by the organization head, I’m not sure about the details.

RQ: Ah, that means there’s intention and plan to sign up Rain.
OOO: Yes.

Frequentlythere are companies offering Rain to form an alliance. It is alsorumoured that Rain has intention to form his own company. However, Rainhas yet to comment and is only focused on his World Tour.

Q: Rain is preparing for his concert in Bangkok.
Ex-Company (W): Yes.

Q: Recently, the issue of changing contracts has attracted lots of attention..
W: We are still not aware about it.

Q: Like this, Rain must have a rough idea/ plan about this. Do you know?
W:Not too sure, I guess he can only think about this after he hascompleted his World Tour. The World Tour hasn’t even finished…

Q: Just curious, when does Rain return to Korea?
W: Until all has completed, perhaps at the end of June.

Wherewill Rain go ultimately? The production team couldn’t make anyconclusion based on their findings and was still very curious.
Although it’s not scientific, they decided to seek the goddess and Mr. Min.

Goddess(G): It’s still early. It’s not yet time for Rain to set up his ownmanagement company. He should still fully develop himself and continuewith his singing & acting activities and after that, be like ParkJin Young and then start to nurture young stars and get involved inproduction work. If he gets involved in nurturing newbies now, he willonly disadvantage himself and it might have negative consequences onhis own activities.

Min (M): If Rain invests in his ownmanagement company, the likelihood of failure is very high. Also, whensetting up a new company, there might be difficulty in accessing funds.In addition, it might be a tricky situation when a few othersurrounding people get involved in it. Therefore I think that it wouldbe better off for his future development that he signs up with amanagement company instead.

Rain was voted as the top most 100 influential people.
Americanfamous harmony star - 谐星 imitated Rain and Rain himself even did an MTVto guarantee his ticket sales. (sorry, this part might be a bitincoherent..not very sure!)
When news about Rain venturing into Hollywood set loose, once again, it created a huge uproar.

Kang Soo-Jin Reporter/ Sports Khan
Ithink there’s no need to worry about the box office sale for the movie‘Speed Racer’. It’s beyond our imagination since it’s a $3000 hundredmillion big production. Moreover many people have watched Wachowskibrothers’ movies. Just like we have been crazy over their moviesbefore, this movie will also be well-liked. The issue here is gainingentry into Hollywood. It’s obvious that Rain wants to be well-known.Just that there is uncertainty if the box-office sales will continue tobe good as good for his subsequent productions.
First & foremost, he has to overcome the language barrier. Pronunciation has to be as good as the locals…

At the rate that Rain is progressing, it’s inevitable that we have some queries.
Is he really the world-acclaimed international star?
We interviewed a few foreign travelers to Korea and in conclusion, the response was 50: 50.
Asan international star that is yet to achieve a renowned status,however, from the positive recognition & perception of foreigners,there’s still hope.

Foreigner A: Yes, Rain is very good at dancing. He’s very good-looking.
Foreigner B: Yes, Rain is an international super star.

Multi-talented artiste, international mega star.
Rain, Jung Ji Hoon..adjectives for him are endless..
However, what he has achieved today is through the exchange of hard work which is beyond the imagination of anyone.
Whether he is an international super star or not is unimportant.
What the public hopes for is only Rain – a perfect combination of 3 elements: Huge scale, innate talent and hard work.
As a star, he is well-prepared to jump start to become an international super star.
Rain is going to drench the whole world soon.

Korean to Chinese: lovebi_rain-rainbar
Chinese to English: fantasy-@cloudaustralia

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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