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6 April 2006 - CREA Magazine Issue - RAIN Denim Story
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CREA Magazine Issue 0604 - RAIN Denim Story

CREA Magazine Interview

World Standard
Year 2006. Rain who is about to continue his activities with zeal and resolution.
In his new single, his challenge of the all-Japanese lyrics still remains in our memory.
And he performs as the first Asian to hold a concert at New York Madison Square Garden
This "treasure of Asia" has set his sight to concur the greater world.
Presenting new images and sounds of the one who has been concentrating on his hidden fire of ambition, Rain.

After his first time successful concert Budokwan last year as a Korean artiste, Rain's popularity soared in Japan. He released his first Japanese single on Jan 25th "Sad Tango". At the same time, his concerts in NY Madison Square on 2nd and 3rd Feb received overwhelming responses. We ask Rain how he feels on extending his influence in Asia to the rest of the world.

You had quite a bit of activities in Japan in 2005. How was last year like for you?
Last year was different in that it was a year when we had many concerts in many places. First, I was happy that we met up with fans from several Asian countries. The performance in Bodokwan was great. Although I was asked if I had any pressure performing there, but there was really none. I feel that I can only perform well when I have confidence. The fans felt the warmth and glory as well. I was happy so many people turned up.

You released your single "Sad Tango" not too long ago. It�s a pretty sad song.
The song has a great feel. That's why I chose it. Because it gives people a feeling of sadness, that's why the lyrics are also based on a sad love story.

Were you thinking of anything in particular during the recording?
I was simply trying to demonstrate love through very sad emotions. I was jilted by my girlfriend in high school. I was very sad then. I thought about that incident and inferred to my feelings back then.

The lyrics implies lingering feelings for the girl in the story. Does that have any similarities to Rain?
Well...actually I am this kind of a person. So I felt the same.

Many guys seem to still have lingering feelings for the ex-girlfriends
Yes. Girls are very bad *laughs*

Oh so sorry. But when girls hear this it evokes their motherly instincts
Ah�I see *laughs*

The couple song (accompanying song for his single) "Slowly" has an erotic touch to it
Yes, it shows the original feel of R&B. People who doesn�t like R&B may not be able to take it.

You used elements of Tango in your new work this time and had some new challenges. Any other interesting things or things you�ll like to challenge in the near future?
I still want to do what I�ve been doing, that's R&B and Hip Hop. Working hard and persisting on is an important part of me, and I think this is the best gift to my fans. I want to add in my feelings for Korea in my work and create something new. That's the way I do it. In principle, it's centered on R&B and Hip Hop, but we've added Tango elements this time. We may consider other elements like flamenco in the future. As long as it's something new, I want to try it. I think it's my duty as an artiste, and this is where you get respect from others. I treasure creativity most. Without creativity, even if you produce new stuff, it may not be good.

It's said that you're venturing into US as well?
If you don't try you'll never know how it'll turn out, so I want to challenge US while I'm still young. If I succeed, I'll be happy. If I fail, it doesn�t matter. In my development in Japan, I don't just think of earning money and gaining popularity. I am developing here because I like Japan. I want to understand the culture here, know what the Japanese are thinking of, I want to absorb more of all these and take them with me on my journey to US, attacking US market with arrows from Korea and Bow from Japan, that's my strategy. If I can make it to the billboard, that would be wonderful. If I lose the battle there, I won't regret it. Japan is just my first step. As long as I know I�ve done my best before I die, then I will have no regrets.

In the last press conference you said you�ll be developing in Japan. What�s the current strategy now?
Yes, most likely that will be the case. Other than Japan, I want to continue developing in Korea, Malaysia, Vietnam�non-stop to many different places.

You'll need a lot of energy for that
Energy should not be a problem, but I may get tired mentally, so I need to do mind control from time to time.

How do you do that?
I don't think about anything else, just focus on my career. I don�t even have time to eat now, and no privacy. In order to learn English, I have a teacher with me 24 hours a day. Even sleeping seems to be a waste of time. But learning is fun *breaking sound-->he crushed his plastic cup in his hands*

Ah�you certainly have more than enough energy.
I've got plenty of energy! Next I'll be releasing some great singles, and I'll be working with some very brilliant artistes, such as in terms of production work.

Jap to Ch: Mushi from biwithrain
Ch to Eng: Rayndrop of Soompi

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

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RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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