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Dec 2007 Interview in KBoom magazine
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In December 2007's issue of Japanese magazine KBOOM Rain answers some interesting questions about himself. He confessed that he greatly desires to be proficient in English, reveals that the way to his heart is through his stomach - and he loves kimchi jjigae (kimchi stew/soup), can't live without his iPod and much more. Read on if you are interested...

1. When your mood changes and you feel stress, what do you do to eliminate that?
Rain: Eat delicious food.

2. Among the familiar things that you always bring with you, what is the one thing that you will be restless without?
Rain: I-Pod

3. Average length of sleep time?
Rain: 4 to 5 hours.

4. In the morning, who is the one who can wake you up?
Rain: Each time I cannot crawl out of bed, I get my father or my manager to come wake me up.

6. What do you wear to sleep?
Rain: I wear the first thing I grab.

7. The part of your body that you're most satisfied with?
Rain: My eyes.

8. In your room, do you use your own posters or pictures as part of the room deco?
Rain: Even though I didn't have any special decorations, one day all of the sudden, I went home and the room was decorated. (is he avoiding the question? hehe...)

9. Do you believe in intuition?
Rain: I am considered the kind that compared to intuition, I believe more in the advice of another person in my environment who has more of a richer experience.

13. If the earth is destroyed tomorrow, what is the one thing you want to do, who do you want to see and what do you want to eat?
Rain: My family and pickled vegetable pot. (what Korean dish is this?)

17. What kind of animal would you compare yourself to?
Rain: An owl

18. What do you hate the most in this world?
Rain: People who are not hardworking.

19. What are you afraid most in this world?
Rain: What I think is scary.

22. How much do you have in your wallet right now?
Rain: About $200,000 Yuan.

25. During an appointment, are you the early type? Or the late type?
Rain:The late type.

26. As you go through the process of aging, which would you prefer? Turning bald or getting fat?
Rain: Getting fat.

(skipping question 28 because I have NO CLUE what it's asking...sorry...)

29. What kinds of things did you collect during your childhood?
Rain: Anything that could be exchanged for money, everything, hahaha...

31. When did you cry recently?
Rain: When the concerts were cancelled.

39. Something that you desire right now?
Rain: Proficency in English.

40. What type of woman do you dislike?
Rain: One whose dressing-up (appearance) doesn't match her make-up.

47. If you get married, what is the first thing you want your wife to do?
Rain: Pickled vegetable pot. (no joke man, this guy loves his food! hahaha... )

source / Quelle: rain-eu
Engish Translation: dsl99a/ rain-usa

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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Part 2
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KBoom Magazine December Issue--Special Interview With Bi/Rain (Part II)

- - - - - - - - - - - -

This is a spur-of-the-moment question, but recently in the news reports, the stock prices and your name have been linked many a times. As a star who is so talented in dancing and singing, there are times when it can be felt where your other 'appearances' may be seen. According to you, how would you define work?

Rain: Not too long ago, I filmed a Hollywood movie. In addition to that, I'm also planning to officially enter into the US and world market in the near future. Before, I always kept thinking of the kinds of methods use to plan and support my acitivities. I'm using the present form of method to achieve my goal. In order to have a thorough plan, I've also decided to seek out the management of a fine arts company, and apart from that, further planning will be passed on to a specialized management team.

Not relating to any praises that come from your circle, but what is your own idea of 'success'? When would that moment of success be?

Rain: For some, results and outcomes determine success. Although there has been many situations of failure, I'm one who just looks at the process. As long as I give my best, regardless of the outcome, they are all considered success to me. On the other hand, if I don't put in my best, even if the end result is considered a success to others, to me, I would consider it a failure. Even though there will also be times when one puts in so much heart and effort and yet still unable to achieve any success, I think, however, it does not mean defeat or failure, but rather the 'fault' (literal translation, not sure what this means).
I feel that it doesn't mean defeat; in order to achieve even better results, it is a inevitable matter when some mistakes occur sometime during the process. When one earnestly does something, I believe it is a success when there is that sense of achievement upon that moment of "completion".

During the world tour, there were times of regret. Regarding this situation, as an entertainer, what do you think of this?

Rain: Now I have this mindset: a singer cannot just earnestly make good preparations only on the surface of things. Now I feel that I must start from A to Z, every single thing, all must be carefull inspected, and I must personally make any confirmation.

It doesn't matter even if it's a little bit, but what kind of contents do you read that enables you to produce? Or is it out of special feelings? Do you read the newspaper editorials every day? What about books? Are there any books from recent in which the contents have inspired you or touched your heart?

Rain: I recently read a book, the title of the book was called "Care" (or "Concern"). It was probably a gift given to me by my fans. This book reminded me of all the things that I neglect during my time of busyness.

The songs that Korean fans like and the songs that Japanese and overseas fans like are not really the same. Do you feel likewise? When do you encounter such a feeling?

Rain: I've had this feeling since the very beginning, but after being with my fans from various countries at my concerts, I've discovered that this isn't the case. Because when compared to everything else, overseas fans bring in many situations and backgrounds of accepting my songs by way of music videos. It is probably easier to understand when the song is 'represented', especially songs that can be enjoyed together; songs like "I Do" and "With U" that are easily liked.
Also, it is in fact that the best selling album has been my 3rd album. I reorganized "Bad Guy" as a tango dance version and sang it during this session of concerts. This resulted in quite the great response.

In your opinion, when do you feel "happy"? Which matter recently brought you this kind of feeling?

Rain: I think it is when the body and mind feel that there is enough (feeling complete). But in regards to my life recently, if I were to look back, my body and mind have not been able to experience that feeling. However, each time I see my fans, I've really received nothing but love, therefore the feeling at that moment, majority of that situation consist of happiness that cannot be described with words.

When RAIN was going through a painful time because of the US performances, all of us united as one regardless of nationalities and boundaries, and cheered you on. Were you aware of this?

Rain: Even if it is just a little bit, it can give me great strength. The encouragement and cheer that everyone gave me, was like as if everyone could relate with my pain completely. In this, it's not just a little bit, along with everyone's good luck, I am then able to surpass this test. I'm really thankful to everyone.

In order to maintain a healthy body, are there any specific foods you eat daily? Also, based on what we see, RAIN does not need to lose weight anywhere--just the perfect kind of man. Do you yourself have any dissatisfaction regarding your own body?

Rain: I don't eat anything specific, and I don't have anything that I like or dislike, I eat anything. as for the part of my body that is not pleasing to me...hmm...If I were to say anything, then next time all I will be able to see is just that...hahaha....

Heard that you recently became an entrepreneur. You're not going to be a singer or an actor anymore?

Rain: In order to bring more enrichment to my work as a singer and an actor, the purpose of the set-up and preparation of the company is only to assist me.

What do you hope for the fans to do?

Rain: No matter what and when, please be there to support me!!

Please tell us of your future activites.

Rain: After the end of my concert, I plan to leave for the US to make preparations for a new album and to film another/other movie(s).

Credit: EunHye from biwithrain
Translation: dsl99a@rain-usa


RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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