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June 2008 - China Magazine <Fans World> Issue 12
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China Magazine <Fans World> Issue 12

Rain - The power to change the world

Q: Recently you looked so thin?

A: I have been shooting the movie "Ninja Assassin" in Berlin, as for now I cannot disclose more details. This movie will have many action scenes. In order to portrait the character well, I worked very hard on my body training. Seems like Berlin and I have fate. Berlin food tasted very good at the first time, but if you eat it often you will feel it's salty.

Q: Korea food fits more your appetite, working in Korea is more relax and comfortable?

A: You said it right, actually I really wants to live as normal people. If possible, I will produce a good album, use Japanese, Chinese and Korean language for recording, then go to Japan, China and Korea to promote, have a concert once a year, film a drama, if there is a good movie then shoot one. If like this, I won't have an headache. But I never thought I would come this far either. I didn't look back at time, because the chance already in my hand, I can only run forward. If I don't run then I feel I cannot beat myself.

Q: The author of "SangDoo, Let's go to School" previously said "Rain is endless energetic friend, he never rest."

A: I don't know if it is because of my energy or my physical strength. If someone talked about me like this, "Jung Ji hoon, how can he become singer? will he become famous? how can he act? how can he get award? wants to break into American market?" then I will say this in my heart, "yes, right...I will use reality to answer." I always used this kind of attitude to proceed forward.

Q: Don't you think their doubts about you are too mean?

A: There are people no matter what they must criticize me, no reasons. When there were rumors, sometimes I would think there are someone trying to play trick with me. But even though I had been suffered with rumors, I didn't waste time to hold a meeting and solve that issue. Instead, I spent time to think how to move forward. I want to start fashion brand, manage entertainment business, develop new artists, these I cannot give up. If I heard any bad news or rumors now I just treat it as nonsense, I won't put it in my heart anymore. I felt confident now because I learn many things. I realized if I give return to the people who recognized me, then how much I return, the other party will return back the same. If I received but did not return then that's lying. I didn't set limits for myself, I didn't distinguish between singer Rain and actor Jung Ji Hoon, I only want to do the things that I wanted to do well. As long as the things are what I like to do, I will do anything to complete it. I don't mind if that is a main actor or a supporting actor role, most important to see is that, if the acting range of that role is board or not.

Q: "I'm a Cyborg, but it's ok" is your first time to be in the movie, that time feel like you are very cautious, want to shoot a good movie. But now feel like you have more confidence.

A: Actually it is not specially hard, everything is a trial. When I had my performance in New York, about half of the Koreans said my popularity in America are like bubbles. I can understand this because I don't have any activities in America, how can Americans know me? From that moment on, I feel negative about the attitude of have not make the action yet but already say it to the public. My heart always think no matter is album or concert, say it only when there are results.

Q: Have you ever feel dizzy? Is like riding a Speeding car?

A: I prepare at every moment, I do my best. So even if I past out I won't feel regret. I did the base ground preparation. No matter is entertainment business, fashion design, or show appearance, all these are my motivation. After your dreams come true you will feel very happy. If not because of the reason that I like singing and acting, probably I turned into other paths. There is one thing that you cannot doubt me is that, based on my current energy and motivation, no matter what happens I can still start all over.

Q: What makes you so busy running forward? Seems like not just because of ambition?

A: I am very ambitious, even though it doesn't work I still will go try out. If it really doesn't work I didn't loss anything. My father always said, after you became famous don't forget where you came from. I came from the stage so I hope to show my results on the stage. Right now I still have other things to do but soon I will be back on stage. As long as I showed my heart sincerely, it will change the thinking of those who had negativity towards me in the past. I believed they may said, "He really works hard, let's don't bully him anymore."

Q: You understood your surroundings so you are very stable?

A: I don't have any path to go, I saw the dead end. In the past there were times that I went hungry for 5 days because I didn't have any money. Even now I am still the same, if people don't allow me to eat I will get very angry. When I was in my training period, JYP would take me to eat in a Chinese restaurant every week. I ate until I am full that I cannot eat anymore but I still wanted to eat. I went to the restroom to vomit and then I came back and continue to eat. This is because only one chance in a week, after the day pass no more chance to eat. I know how it feel to be hungry. Maybe because I have experienced hunger so I have intense hope for food. If I can live well then in the future I want to treat my family and the people around me with the food that they like, they can eat until they have to vomit it.

Q: When talked about the past hardship, your talking seemed like was happened yesterday.

A: Until now I still always been dreaming. I have witnessed my mother who was very sick and lie on the bed suffered in pain, I would never forget that scene. When my mother was at the hospital, we didn't have enough money to affort the medical expense....if we could pay for the expense, maybe now our family could live happily together. But at that time we didn't have enough money, my mother passed away. I was upset at myself, I cried many times. From that time on, I made a decision, I cannot stop to rest. My pain was nothing compared to the pain that my mother suffered. When I was young I have this thinking in my heart, "I must have ability, I must have money, I must grow up quickly and keep my family stay together."

Q: That time is when you are at High School?

A: It is very weird, when you made a desperate decision you can do anything. At the time my College entrance exam score was 150 points, JYP came to me one day and told me if I don't get 300 points then he won't release album for me, I can only be a back dancer. I was in panic at that time. Only sing and dance is enough, still need to study in school? Alright so let's see....I memorized all the practice exam questions as a result I got 310 points. Therefore, now I won't say things like, "English is hard, I can't study well". As long as I thought of the desperate feeling from the past then there will be nothing I cannot achieve.

Q: The people who understood human sentiment have special breath, it is not desire, not ambitious, it is the real hope, the people around can feel it.

A: From seeing the people around, those that crashed deep still can come to the end. The people who experienced in pain and tears, their body exist a special feeling.

Q: Right now you don't have any more dreams, because all had came true?

A: I still have one dream, that is to get number one box office then when I go to America I have privilege to access the VIP tunnel, this dream hope to come true next year. If this dream came true I still have to continue work hard to move forward just like in the past.

(The end for questions)

I realized Rain's palm have many red circle spots so I asked him what are those, his face suddenly turned red, he said, "those are callus, it came out after bleeding. In order to have a perfect body and build muscle like in the movie "300", regular body training is not enough. Our body trainer for "Ninja Assassin" need us to climb the string and rock with a piece of a wood at our back, this is really hard training, I vomit everyday." Rain pulled out his laptop and showed pictures of his body change. His muscle changes looked like being trimmed by knife. Rain always makes changes and yet he never changed. Therefore, we always look forward to Rain's "TOMORROW".


English Translation credit to Rain-America.com
credit:rainbar //FollowRain-rain-america

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Danke Phoenix!

Ich mag, was er über Berlin sagt: "Seems like Berlin and I have fate".

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