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19 April 2007 Rain's interview w/ WowKorea
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19.04.07 Rain's interview w/ WowKorea

Rain on 19 April accepts Japan media wowkorea.jp Interview.

Rain had decided Tokyo Dome Concert: "Meet on 25th May!"

LastDecember Rain's World Tour < RAIN'S COMING 06/07 RAIN WORLDTOUR>, started with Seoul Jamsil Olympics Stadium as the initialvenue. In order to decide on the Japan concert venue, RAIN urgentlywent to Japan on April 18th. And he held a press conference at theTokyo Dome Hotel on the same day. At the conference, they broadcastedthe 4th album host song "I'M COMING" performance video, it was similarto the hearsay which said that the stage brings powerful and strongstage feeling, bringing the conference a tense feeling as well. As soonas Rain entered the stage, the reporters resounded the conference sitewith consistent applause together with flashing lights.

Today,besides releasing information regarding the Japan concert, Rain alsostated the following: "I believe this concert may become the illusionperformance that no one has ever experienced before." "I will give thebest performance with all my strength for everyone" and so on, statingthis about his world tour with great pride.

(RAIN'SCOMINGˇˇ06/07 RAIN WORLD TOUR) had been devised in a year, the totalcost of production also to reach as high as 380 hundred million won(conversion Japanese currency approximately 50 hundred million Yen). 3months before the world tour, he spent 11 hours everyday dancing; 5hours singing, adding on 200 staff to help with manufacturing of thestage that is equipped with 130 illumination equipment gross weight toreach as high as 300 metric tons giant stages. The stage manager aswell as the choreographer, Jamie King once as concert manager of theMadonna and Christina Aguilera and other famous singers. The imagesurveillance, the manufacture business planning and so on all have alsoappointed American entertainment famous public figures. Performancesestimated to happen in US, China, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Vietnam,Malaysia, Singapore, Australia and so on of a total of 12 countries and35 performances, estimated to attract approximately nearly 600 thousandaudiences. This is surprisingly successful. Japan will hold performanceon May 25th at the Tokyo Dome.

-Please tell us, which part of the concert we do not want to miss.
Rain:" Too many... (smile) em, in my concert there is one part of theperformance where the traditional percussion instrument coordinationunfolds likes bird's dance movement, I specially like that part, hopeeverybody will pay special attention to that part too."

- Is there a possibility of performing a Japanese song?
Rain:"At present not yet determined, but there is still the possibility."

- Will the performance in each country be different from the other?
Rain:"This world tour has been in the works since two years ago, thefoundation quite complete, therefore basically which nationalperformance no matter how, it won't have too big of a change but duringthe performance in Japan, I hope that the MC part will be done inJapanese."

- How is your Japanese?
Rain: "Still not good. Still diligently learning. "

- Can you say something in Japanese?
Rain: "Hi everybody. I'm Rain. 25th of May ...at...Tokyo Dom..: see ya (smile)."

- What feelings does u have regarding holding your concert at the Tokyo Dome?
Rain:"First of all, the venue is really great, (smiled) this tour concertvenue if not great enough may also bring along some concerns...Certainly need a massive audience to occupy the concert 70% in order tobe exciting. I believe the May 25th concert certainly can become anextremely happy concert."

- Regarding you becoming the 1st South Korean singer to hold a concert at the Tokyo Dome, what feelings do you have?
Rain:"I feel this is such a great honor. I feel that the Tokyo Dome is likethe heart of Tokyo, therefore I am really happy, and hope that withthis great venue, a very magnificent stage can be built for everyone tosee."

- Which country has a special impression on you during the world tour?
Rain:"Hong Kong has many hatchet man (can't remember the name for this kindof reporter), even going out for a meal has made a very profoundimpression. But it was also a completely interesting experience."

- Which country do you hope to have one more concert again?
Rain:"Malaysia, because of religious factor. The ladies would have to use acloth to cover their faces when they appear in public. So because ofthis I thought that there would not be much reaction. But when theconcert started everyone got really excited and passionate, it was avery happy concert."

- This concert has a different image compare to present performance in Japan, are you restless?
Rain:"Restless .... Yes, like worrying about the audience feelingdisappointed over the performance... (Couldn't translate the nextstatement, didn't make sense) Hope this Japan concert will be completedsmoothly."

- Looking thinner than before and also tanned. Is it because of the world tour?
Rain:"Because too difficult... Must rush outside... Please rescue me...(everybody smiles) cracks a joke (smiles) but this tour is really verydifficult, not only tan, but also not eating too well due to anxiety...Because I am also involved in the stage design and so on, there is abig amount of pressure. But at present the planning has been finished.Hope this Japan performance will go through smoothly and successfully."

- The hairstyle looks like it has changed, do you personally have a say in your hairstyle or the clothing?
Rain: "Yes, it's me and my stylist who discuss and decide together."

- The debut time with the present music is greatly different, do you yourself have any big changes?
Rain:"The part that is different now is that I have more leisure time. Ithink that is the biggest change. Not only for work, but also in othervarious aspects do I have more time."

- Now you've become a world star, how do you feel?
Rain:"The title of a world star is too early to say... In order toofficially enter the US and to obtain good results, I will keepfighting! "

-As a singer, what do you want to achieve?
Rain:"This... To pay attention everyday and if possible in 10 years' timebecome a great person. Not only as a singer, but this is also mypersonal life goal."

- The special edition has been distributedin Japan, the serial TV opera has also been broadcasted, please tell usof your next plan.
Rain: "At present no plans yet. Because the mainpriority now is to successfully complete the world tour, I have notpondered other matters besides the world tour."

- Finally please say something to the fans.
Rain:"Extremely grateful to everyone for your continual support. Every timeI come to Japan I am given such a warm welcome, I feel extremelyblessed. Let's meet at the concert on May 25th!"

Source: http://www.wowkorea.jp/
jpn to chi: anchan
Up by: rainhk
chi to eng: lilian @ rain-malaysia
Further translation & edited by: dsl99a@rain-usa


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