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25 April 2007 - Rain was interviewed at his office
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On  25 April 2007, singer Rain was interviewed at his office.

[28-Apr-07][Chosun]"That's passion, the passion that if not I will die"

"That's passion, the passion that if not you will die"?

MrChui Pu Zhi (최보식) reporter's "zero distance" interview ......WorldStar....Rain....likes to ride on motorbike to relax.....but poople onthe street said "It's impossible he is Rain!"

Rain (26) sat in front of me.
He came back last night from Japan.
"World star Rain"....Rain keeps flying overseas on flight printed with his image.
His itinerary is very tight and cannot insert any more.
It is said that, to have this interview, the staff had been having several meetings to find out the time.
Seems like early Summer with sunshines. I told this young friend whom I met the first time.

In this good day with sunshine, what do you want to do?

" I would like to ride on motorbike to relax. Today I want to do aswell. However, because of work, I can't. Sometimes I will do so with3-4 friends.

World Star riding on motorbike in town, is it possible?

{BecauseI wear helmet (cap?), no body see me. Sometimes I am seen, and I willgive them autograph. But the most situtation is that, they said "It'simpossible that he is Rain" and they walked way.

From middle school (form 2), all the things in the mind is dancing and singing.

Fromthe way to his (Rain's) company, beacuse I was not sure what I shouldsay to this "New Generation" I felt uncomfortable. I even thought hemight be sitting very relexed on a very comfortable chair.

Finally,however, he welcomed me in a small room with limited time. He greetedwith me (shy?). I met this person first time and it was familiar. Hisface gives me feeling of young.

So, only riding on motorbike, you do not like dancing or singing?

"Becausedancing and singing are repeated everyday, so instead of saying 'like',I would say (may be odd to day that) I don't know know when they havebecome part of my life. From middele school, I started singing anddancing, it has been already 12 years. Now I sing automatically (notaware myself) the whole day. And for the things I saw I will think "canit be translated into dance?". When I saw an old man carrying a stickwalking on the street, I will think can I organise dance with stick?When I ride on motorbike, I will think can I organise dance with stepslike riding on motorbike? I keep thinking and thinking...

Making dance to explain things. This is conflicting with myself who has been using pen to explain things till today.

So, till now, all the dancing on stage are all your products?

"Almost all are finished by myself. If I need help I will ask for help. But basically I finish organising the dancing steps."

Compared with the fact that you dance and sing when you have nothing to do, it will be different to make these as job, right?

"Iwill not see myself because I am an artist then I am a public icon. IfI had the feeling of responsibility of being a public icon, I wouldhave been tired of singing and dancing. I would therefore see myselfwith a career of artist and I am just an ordiniary person. I likesinging and dancing. I feel very happy I can do what I like to earn aliving.

Certainly, because this is my job there is risk. Thisjob requires me to keep creating and exploring. If you stop at a pointof time, people will walk away and you will be replaced with new ones.It is difficult to tell in detail the outbreak of power (charisma) whenpreparing music for 1-2 years.

So, what you do not like?

"AlthoughI like eating, I do not like food with too much nutrients like dog and"甲魚" (don't know how to translate). When I was young, I saw they werekilled. To me these are not food I don't like, but this is food I haveburden to eat.

For figure training, you eat chicken or food with high protein, right?

"Yes I eat chicken. I eat whenever I can. Because I have to keep moving, dancing, I can be exhausted easily. So
what I see I'd love to eat.

I heard that when you were in middle school (form 2), you danced and sang on the street, and your parents were very worried.

"Allparents hope their children to be hardworking, go into university andfind a good job. I am the only son in the family, but kept dancingoutside and not returned home, wore earings.....all these indeed mademy parents worried a lot.

I remember once, my father brought meto a Chinese restaurant, and fed me meat with Chinese wheat wine. I wasin middle school level 2 at that time. My father told me, "From now on,you can drink. But you must not do things not moral, and not smoke. Ifyou can make it, I will not say anything when you return home afterdrinking, I will also not saything if you return home a bit late."

That'sgood to me. My friends who are at same age will be beaten by theirfather. When saying slang, it means "being beaten in rainyday till dustcan fly". So I swore in front of my father, "I will remember". Fromthat time onwards, when the senior persuaded me to smoke but I refused,I was sometimes being beaten and forced to smoke. Till now I do notsmoke. Certinaly I keep drinking but I have never done something notmoral or hurt others.

As a parent, when I saw this person who said naturally he started drinking since middle school, I was a bit puzzled.

"TOsay this seems not good. I recently drink a kind of wine (炸彈酒 - don'tknow how to translate) and I can drink up to 40 glasses. Because I ambusy recently, I will only go out for drink with good friends twice amonth.

As father, why he allows his children who are still in middle school to drink?

"Perhapsthey acknowledge the way I choose. My father failed in his business andlost. To my family, the daily biggest objective is to earn a living dayby day. Although I was young, I knew how hard my parents were working.At that time, I often told myself, "When I grow up, I will never let myparents worked so hard to earn a living. I will also never let my wifeand my children have burden (economically). What I regret is when I wasin high school 3, my mother passed away."

"World Star" is your goal? You will think of it often?

His eyes turned red.

"WhenI was young, flying on flight was my dream. But now I fly on flightstoo much. So I will dream if I could fly once with my mother that wouldbe great! Our family has never had our own house. So when I bought thehouse, what I thought most was still my mother. If my mother were stillhere, she would say everywhere, "My son bought a house for me". She hadbeen living very hard and had never seem the "light from the dark"before she passed away.

You are named as World Star. It's because you had a concert in New York (USA) last year?

"Besidesthe US concert, I was selected as one of the Most Influential 100people by TIME, of which also gave a help in here. However, "Worldstar" is a name given by the public or mass media who hope I can be aworld star. In fact, I am not. There is still a gap for me to become aworld star, and I feel shame to named as that at this stage.

However,since I was named as World Star, I have a new goal. I still have notdebuted in US and I have never released any album or movie in US. If Ireally work hard, I should be able to be successful this year or earlynext year. By that time, I can then be a real world star. I have thisgoal in my mind now.

In China and South East ASia, you are already successful. But your music and dance will also work in US?

"InUS, I want to show them we also have talent as good as they are. I wantto let them know we also have our cultures. Spirit and cultures aremore terrible than gun to control/manipulate/dominate something.

Want to prove it works in US as well?

"Itell myself, "Even I fail, I want to successfully fail". If I fail Ican then tell the failure reason to the next generation. The nextgeneration will take this as lessons and make challenage again"."

"Afterso many visits overseas, I found many people see us (Koreans) can sing.Our ancestor created Goyao which involved a skill of '打彎’(don't knowhow to translate). Using this skill to sing US R&B, nobody can singbetter than you. I make use of the ways of singing and styles of songsI learnt in Korea, plus what I learnt from the producers in US, I bringboth strengths together and give the best result."

When in overseas, you have to sing in English very often?

"When I am in overseas, I use English and Korean half and half. Sometimes Chinese or Japanese.

Do you have language complex?

"Ithought before, when I was young, if I spent less time on Mathematics,but more English, Chinese and Japanese that would be great. If you havelanugauge barrier in one country, it is difficult to succeed. Bccauseyou need to communicate and interact. Even when in interview, you haveto use other's languages. So I keep learning English.

Have you thought, if you were born in US would it be better?"

"Youwill never know if I was born in US, may be from a very poor Herlamfamily, or from a very rich family. If this was the case, I would notbe able to have my music. Perhaps I would never know the power ofdancing. Even now, I already am very happy that I can sing and dance.When I was young, it was a dream to be asked to have my autograph, andit was also a dream to be on TV. Now these are realised."

I have heard that before you became an artist, you were rejected by 12 interviews?

"should be 18"

I have heard that, in one interview, you received comments that "Your appearance is strange"?

"Frommiddle school 2, I started to go for interviews. At that time, peoplespecially liked good looking faces such as Don-Gun oppa and mostartists look like this. What I heard most is that as an artist I do nothave the mature outlook and figure. I have also heard that I shouldhave an operation on my eyes. So I had been to hospital to find out howI can improve my outlook. But what I heard instead and disappointed mewas "you'd better not to change anything on your face". However, toshape myself to be artist, I worked very hard to train my figure andremove the baby fat on my face. During that time, I was referred by afriend, and I met JY oppa (JYP) and being interviewed. JY oppa broughtme to a new way of my life.

If you had not met JYP, what would you have become now?

"No Rain, perhaps".
Not sure if the name "Rain" (by JYP) does not exist, or myself does not exist.

But, a young person called Jung Ji-hoon (original real name) should exist, right?"

"Atthat time I was standing at the edge of a cliff and no way to go. Mymother was in hospital and I did not pay the hospital accomodation. Nomoney, to pay fare, and still have a sister. I could not wait and didnot try to do something. If I was a mouse, I had to bit the block andrun away as there was no place to hide. Otherwise, I would only falldown to the bottom of cliff. If I failed again I would have no way togo. So I became determined, and kept dancing for 5 hours before theinterview. And finally I passed.

"Did JYP say anything why he selected you?"

"Aftera long time, he told me. He said, "I saw hunger from your eyes, and Isaw passion rather than talent. I saw you saying if not you would die".Till now, I have been doing everything with this thought in my mind".

If you failed at that time, would you choose another way?"

"Maybe going to Drama club in university....In my life, acting, dancing,and music are the only (existence) things with meaning, and can make mehappy. Besidse, nothing else. I like people watching me dancing andperforming. It seems I have the passion that, "I can do this, come andsee. If there is anyone who can do better than me, please come here".

When you were students, did you think of schoolmates who could do very well?"

"Yes.They could receive appreciation from teachers, and would not bringtroubles to their parents. But to me, I cannot sit still in an hour.It's hard to make myself to do so. Not long later, I will start to lookat mirror, practise steps, listen to music, or have slight movements.When I was preparing for exam in the university, I was keepinglistening to music."

So it's great you entered 慶熙大學.

"JYoppa told me, "if you cannot go into university, I will not help youproduce your album and make you as a singer.". At that time, all turnedinto dark as exam would come after 102 days. I went to bookshop to buymock exam papers (300 pages). I told myself, "I can finish these if Ifinsih 3 pages per day". Because only 3 pages, I simply memorised allthe questions. When I was aating, walking and dancing, I kept studying.Sometimes when I was lazy to go for practising dancing, I just studiedthe whole night. And I could enter university finally."

When you were still being an "unknown" to the public, what was the most difficult thing to you?

"AlthoughI passed interview, this does not mean I can be a singer. After Ipassed, JY oppa still interviewed me every week. I was nervous andworried. If JY asked me to pack and go away, what can I do? Really haveto give up now? I thought of this many times every day, should I giveup now? It is a challenge with myself."

At that time most of your fans were married women. What did you feel at that time?

"Childrenwho are 10 years old are shy to come closer to me. Fans who are 20years old ask for my autography only. Fans who are 30-50 years old willtouch my body and told me to work harder. I believe they are all mystrong support".

Married women are crazy with your figure. Do you think it comes naturally when they were born?

"Iwas weak. When I was young in primary school, I was beaten every day.At that time, I was tired of being beaten, so I went to learn Taekundo,Hakido, and went to gym club. From hight school onwards, I started tobe aware of shaping my figure. At that time, health is wealth and Ishould have good health. Also one day when you stand in front of thepeople, you should be a person in good figure with faith.

You invest a lot in shaping figure, so to what extent you invest from the spiritual aspect?

"Firstly,I think Knowlege is an investment. Before I did not know the reason togain knowledge. Knowledge is the front line of living. Despite you aregoing to do bit of things, you need to KNOW before you act. Sometimes Ibuy newspaper but have no time to read, then I read the section of"current affairs pros and cons". To be honest, no meaning, because I amnot doing politics I cannot understand easily. However, if I keep doingthis, I believe these must help in the future.

In fact, comparedwith this kind of knowledge, I think mental health (keeping onself notlonely or depressed) is more important. I heard that, some artists orsports stars in US are receiving Mind control treatment. I do not needthis as they are. Currently, my mental health is solved by my agencymanager and motorbike.

So when you are under great pressure you ride on motorbike?"

"It'sjust a very short time for relex. When I am really under greatpressure, I will go outside to have scooer with my agency manager. Asartist, you cannot tell much to others. If your secrets are released,you will lose face and probably becomes the headline of the newspaparetomorrow. So I have to tell someone who can be trusted, and I am luckythat I have many of these people.

You seem more mature than your age.

"I have been an artist for 10 years and I have been monitored by thepublic. For errors / mistakes I have made, some are small but some arebig. I write down these and revise when I have time. Since then, youare not pretending not to make mistakes, you will automatically not todo something to avoid mistakes. I have thought to know many women, andeven thought to do something wrong. Everyone has wants, but you cancontrol this and tell yourself this can be done when you get older.Therefore, at this stage, I will keep my passion on my job.

To have a girl friend, you can still make it when you get older?

"Ithink love is not related to age. In movie, there are loves appear inold ages. It is only now I like my job too much. I may find a girlfriend when my job is accomplished to a certain extent.

What type of women will attract you?

"Smartwell behaved women is the type I look for. You will get tired of theappearance. Of course if she is also beautiful that would be better.But even if she is very pretty, after 3-4 months, or one to two years,the appearance becomes less important. I learnt this a lot from myfather. He often told me, "compared with beautiful girl, smart wellbehaved women are more important."

During interview, Iwas mixed we both who is older? I do not know much of his song onstage, I do not know his glamorus, I also do not know his passion. Butwhat I got clear from this talk was - what you can learn from thisyoung friend are many.

You have to go to training room?

" Certainly."

Your songs?

"The song I sing a lot is senor(趙榮弼)'s song "Come back! Come back toBushan" and seniro (李承哲)'s song or pupsong. I will for sure not sing myown song. Because I sing thousands already when recording.....".

source : Chosun
English translated by aimen @ rain-asia

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