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 16 Oct 2008 - Character Study /Jung Ji-Hoon (1) + (2) View next topic
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16 Oct 2008 - Character Study /Jung Ji-Hoon (1) + (2)
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16 Oct 2008 - Character Study /Jung Ji-Hoon (1) + (2)

(Character Study) Jung Ji-Hoon (1) "Rain, I learnt to enjoy myself"

Singer Rain(Jung Ji-Hoon) is back. With his 5th album Rainism. His 5th album is double title.
Rain is a young man at the age of 27(born in 1982) this year.
Rain has become more mature than before psychologically. “I used to fight the wind before. Now I just step aside so it can pass.”
Rain has become more perfect physically. “I sing and dance to never starve again. I still don’t work when I’m not fed” smiles Rain, no, person Jung Ji-Hoon.
Rain made his debut in 2002 with ‘Bad guy’. He was born a star. Outstanding dances, modesty and sincerity unlike a star, and his ambition for acting made him a star.
Rain’s challenge didn’t stop in Asia. He went over to Hollywood last year. His debut film, Speed Racer. It showed his potential as an actor. He filmed another movie, Ninja Assassin with the Wachowski brothers recently. Scheduled to open next year, Rain starred in this film.

- This 5th album contains 13 songs, but maybe because of its autobiographical story, it looks systematic. What concept was it?

“The album title is Rainism. This album was created in the sense that everything about
Rain’s style, music and dances should be revealed. It needed to be different from the previous Rain but at the same time, not so different. 8 out of 13 songs are either composed or written by me. Each genre was created with the help of professionals.”

- People say that Rain is a natural born dancer but much of Rain’s songs aren’t left to the public.

“The previous singer Rain was visual based. So I wanted to make the emphasis more on the songs this time. But then I couldn’t give up visual, so I tried to kill two birds with one stone.”

- Does that mean your vocal ability has increased?

If the previous albums touched the listeners through the breath and falsetto, this time, it’s falsetto and live voice. In short, shouting sounds more like it.”

- How’s the album composed?

“5 visual songs, and 6 touching songs. There are kind songs and quite unkind songs that are more artistic. In short, it’s an integrated album much like a multi shop.

- Was this album planned all along?

“It wasn’t. I wanted to release Rainism to represent my success in America. But since the fans were waiting and all, plans got ahead. Since Ninja Assassin releases next year, I had some time also.”

- The album is an autobiographical story, who’s the protagonist of Love Story?

“An unforgettable love, it’s someone I met when I made my debut.”

(Character Study) Jung Ji-Hoon (2) “What makes Rain, Rain, is challenge”

- Do you think yourself as a world star?

“The media made it up. Of course I’m trying my best to become one. It doesn’t necessarily have to be me. If I were to analyze myself now, I’d say that I’ve grabbed the doorknob of the entrance to success. I’m not yet a world star but I’m walking my road to become one.”

- You’re as modest as people say

“I want to stay as a beginner. That too, is skill. In America, the successful were always modest and gentle. Those who greet first are the successors.”

- How does it feel to be back in Korea?

“It feels really good since I was in limitless competition in America. I’m just satisfied if my fans could enjoy this album. Korea is heaven compared to the pain I went through in America.”

- What kind of things did you go through in America?

“America really is in limitless competition. Sometimes I blame myself for challenging these things. It’s so that I don’t regret in the future.

- Did you overcome all that difficulties?

“That possibly can’t be overcome. But now I’m more flexible. I just step aside when the wind blows these days. I know when to kneel down.”

- You sound mature. As if you’ve reached the zone.

“I used to be afraid what it’d be like if I lost every success and achievement in one moment. Not now. I can sing and dance so I can teach my juniors, plan my own musical performance, or even deliver something by running. Thinking like that, I could enjoy myself.”

- Your trademark is sincerity and effort, why do you live so passionately?

“It’s because I know what hunger is like. I don’t wish to experience that again.”

- What’s your motivation for that effort? The power that drives you.

“My mother who passed away. And my father and siblings too. Life pays off for your efforts. So I always try harder.”

- What’s your goal or dream in life?

“As a human, to be a good father. As singer Rain, Rain’s only goal is singing and dancing so I just have to enjoy life. Another goal could be acting. It’s something I’ll thrive forever.”

Singer Rain says he either talks with others or watch a movie to rest. He doesn’t have a girlfriend, though he wishes he had one. He just wants someone who is kind and genuine and someone who he can communicate with. He added that it’d be better if she could help him root down well.

- I heard there was another movie offer from Hollywood.

“One comic-action and one melo. Since I’m in Warner Bros, I did the consulting with them, but they said now’s now the time yet. If Ninja Assassin becomes a big hit, we need to make a sequel but if I took the comic action, my image would go down, and since I’m not the hero of the melo movie, they suggested I give more time to it.”

- Do you think to yourself a lot. What do you do when you have free time?

“Frankly, I can’t read much books. I practice whenever I have time… There’s time I get stress and feel lonely and down, but when I think twice, I realize I shouldn’t be grumbling about all this.

-When do you feel happiest?

“When I succeeded, and achieved. The taste of success comes from the happiness of achievement. I feel happy when my fans say something good about me.”

-You made JTtune by acquring KODAQ company SayTec

“It’s my agency and I do have shares, but I’m not involved in management. I just have to organize the celebrity network and quality, and the rest are done by the professionals.”

- What is the most outrageous rumor you’ve heard about yourself?

“I heard Rain committed suicide in China. Those making up the rumors may think it’s nothing, but the victims can really become victims because of that. Celebrities are weak beings.”

credit: Edaily
translation / edited: rain bird-rain-eu

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