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May 2007 I-spy magazine Vol.11
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May 2007 - I-Spy Magazine Vol.11 (Thailand) ~ Excerpts from "Rain Story"

I-spy magazine Vol.11 May 2007
(Excerpts from “Rain Story”) by Arashi Nose

Nowadays, if mentioning the name Jung Ji Hoon or Rain, only a tiny fraction of people wouldn’t know who he is. But for the story that I am about to write is about another side of Rain in my view that I have never written before. I have had many opportunities to work with Rain over the past few years, but if I were to recollect the time that impressed me most about him was when he came to Thailand to do a cover shoot for our I-spy magazine. Back then I was still so young (amateur) that I didn’t write about my impressions of Rain. But I was able to tag along the crew to interview him when he was promoting in Thailand. To tell you the truth, when I tagged along, I really didn’t know that the Rain I met back then would become the Rain who is standing tall today. Before, he was still just the ordinary new celebrity who in fact, I have never heard of. For me, I just wanted to tag along to gain working experience as well as to observe a celebrity working. That was it.

Rain came to Thailand to promote his new album (Rain Vol. 2) with the Thai press as well as to familiarize himself with his fan club. I truly believe that, that was the one and only time that people were able to come close to him without any problem. When he was on his second Thailand trip, his fame and popularity had already exploded to the point of being uncontrollable. His personal staff and bodyguards restricted contact to the point that his fans were unable to come close. I don’t know if you will be jealous or not, but the close contacts I had before were so worthwhile and rewarding. I had the chance to see Rain complete his fashion shoot for I-spy magazine for many hours, and most importantly, I had the chance to witness many things that many girls would scream to trade places with me. For example, Rain taking off his shirt, changing clothes, eating pizza, eating chicken noodles in front of our office building (laughs) and the sleepyhead Rain when he had to wake up early for the interview the next day. But what is most clear is that my working experience with Rain was one of the most memorable. He is not an arrogant person in any way; rather he is a person who knows how to appropriately present himself, making others aware on how they should approach him.

The second time that I met Rain was when he came to promote his third album “It’s Raining”. One of our sister magazines, “Sincere” magazine, had him on their covers and this was the time that I had another opportunity interview him with my trusty camera! In the beginning we started out the interview with the both of us sitting on the same couch, and with me holding the camera taping him and occasionally turning it around to tape myself. Kind of like a reality show (laughs). I think that made Rain kind of anxious to the point that he called his manager to come and hold the camera for me! Back then I was still so small. We looked like big brother/little brother. He really made my interview a lot easier for me.

That day, I was really impressed with our broad interview. I am definitely the type of interviewer who likes to go off topic and ask unrelated questions to album promotion (laughs). Off topic does not mean useless as I am the type that reads a lot of articles that always ask the same questions. So this time I wanted to go a little off topic. I asked him about the bothersome things he has come across until today as well as the types of girls that he doesn’t like. That time, Rain laughed when I asked him this question and said, “Usually aren’t you supposed to ask what types of girls I like?” (laughs). But he answered, “I don’t like girls who think ‘I’m pretty’ or something along those lines”. Simply put, he doesn’t like girls who are overly confident of themselves. But during that time he also said that for his girlfriend, it was okay if she didn’t know how to cook because he would be the one to cook for her. He really likes to cook, but rarely has the time to do so. But for the one he loves, if he can, he would like to wake up early in the morning and make breakfast and have the aroma float to her nose to wake her up. It’s kind of funny as I’m listening to what he’s saying because it sounds a little clichéd. But if you didn’t hear it from his mouth yourself, you would have never thought that he had such romantic thoughts!

During the time of that interview, I heard that he just promoted himself in Japan and that he was also taking up Japanese lessons. But I didn’t know to what extent his Japanese proficiency was. When we met for that interview I spoke to him in my native language, “Hello, this is the second time we’re meeting. I’m Arashi Nose from I-spy and Sincere magazine. Do you remember me?” Rain looked puzzled and asked, “Are you a Japanese?” I laughed and said, “Yes, but I live and work in Thailand”. He responded with a long ‘Ohhhhh’ and replied back in Japanese, “Nice to meet you”. I then found out that his Japanese was still elementary, but his pronunciation was quite good. Another good impression I had of him was that during the interview, he spoke freely without any hesitation or embarrassment of his trials and tribulations as an amateur. From stories of his childhood to being sneered at on his dreams that others believed would never come true. Because Rain’s childhood was difficult, due to his family’s financial status, every time that we’ve met and me asking him to say something to his Thai fans, he would always repeat, “Don’t be dismayed and keep on trying. It is definite that if you have not lost sight of your dreams, one day your dream will surely come true”. And because of this, it has always made me think that Rain will definitely become a rainstorm that will flood even farther than this. Not only in Korea, Thailand, or Asia, but the whole world, where his sights are set on right now.

source:.I-Spy Magazine
Direct translation from Thai to English by farmer-sexybi
credit: dsl99a-rain-usa
from: rain-eu

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Ohhhhh, ja bitte, ein Frühstück zubereitet von Rain und dazu von ihm zärtlich aufgeweckt werden  Embarassed   Mr. Green ! Die glückliche Frau, die eines Tages sein Herz erobern wird, ehrlich.
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