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2005 - The radio interview
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DJ and Bi spend some time in the beginning reminiscing. They talked briefly about his YuGyulFive appearance (with the 5 women). Bi said he had a lot of fun on that show but felt bad about always picking on one of the women.

Bi said that ever since he talked about wanting to experience passionate love, people have been calling him "lighter" or "match." Bi says he really wants to have someone to go home to and spend time with at home, but hard to with his schedule. The DJ says it's good to dream of love like that but not really fun after the fact. She's been there and done that and got really burned, but says it's good to wish for it.

Bi says he has a lot of fun going on game shows now. Before, he just wanted to go on them and sing, and then rest, etc. But now, he finds it a very good way to keep in touch with others and show them a more honest side of himself. Said the first time he went on a game show and talked about love, he got such a good reaction that it sort of became the norm. Said he should stop talking about it so much now... (laughing as he said this). He said he actually watches his game shows 3-4 times after they air and finds them really funny. Says he tries to make an impression with each appearance and likes making people laugh.

The DJ was telling a funny story she heard about a fan listening to It's Raining while walking with headphones. This fan was making the "Ssh ha" noise while singing along, and freaked out a woman he was walking behind. He had to later explain to the police that he was just listening to Bi's song, not attempting to do anything bad. Bi then adds a story about one of his friends, when they go karaoking (noraebang), he really exaggerates the "shh, ha" part.

Then they talk about his 3rd album. Bi says his singing style has changed a lot. It's not as forced as before and he's more comfortable singing.

Then they talk about going to Japan---already posted: The DJ was asking Bi about his upcoming showcase in Japan, and Bi was explaining that because SangDoo has been airing there on cable, he's gained popularity but most only know him as an actor. He said that there are also plans to show FH there soon, and since people know him from SangDoo and also since SHK is pretty popular there too, people are interested in airing it and it will do well hopefully.

Then the DJ and Bi were being silly and goofing around and Bi says again that he really wants to get married, have a kid, and go around Europe or South America with his family. When it's time, he'll go to the army, but before then, he wants to show his fans all that he can do, and when he returns from the army, so them more new stuff.

Then the DJ asks Bi 5 questions that he has to say "Yes" or "No" to and they later spend some time discussing:
Question 1: "I sometimes find my older female fans to be burdensome."
Bi: No. Says that they take really good care of him and feeds like very well and he really appreciates them. Funny story that Bi told at the tail end of this discussion. Bi has a puppy and Bi says that the puppy must know about music because whenever he hears "It's Raining" he starts barking and running around, and whenever he hears "Familiar Face" or "I Do", no matter what he was doing before, the dog will sit down and be still. So cute!

Question 2: "Even if for a brief moment, you've looked at me (the DJ) as a woman." Says she asks this on behalf of his older female fans.
Bi: Yes. Bi playfully compliments her and says a lot of men probably like her but she's not aware of it.

Question 3: "To have a good body, I diet often"
Bi: No. Like to eat, especially meat. Usually exercises before he goes to sleep. Talks again about his ideal type being now someone with a little meat on her.

Question 4: "There is something about my personality that I don't like"
Bi: Yes. When he gets angry, no one can calm him down. Tries not to get angry and hold it in. When he was younger, he would throw anything he could get his hands on. Nowadays, the cost of the item flashes before his mind when he goes to grab something, so he has gotten into the habit of only throwing things that won't break (the DJ and Bi are laughing very hard during this part). Kicking his car in anger-- when he was younger, he didn't care and did it anyways. Now, the cost of fixing what he damages flashes in his mind so he is not as carefree with this either. During the filming of FH, when there were scenes where he had to throw things, the director was wondering why he was only throwing things like his jacket, hat, etc. when there were other things around him that was more breakable.

Question 5: "I don't spend a lot of $$"
Bi: Yes. Says he father usually takes care of his money, and also, he probably doesn't have as much $$ as people think. DJ and him talk about the cost of different things as an entertainer, etc.

They end by Bi talking about being interested in business and brings up the image from old movies of the father, dressed in a business suit, going to work with an apple in his hand (ha, ha..fan of the Donna Reed show??? ), spending the day earning a living, and coming home to his lovely wife. DJ says although she's older, she still has a lot to learn from how Bi's living his life. Playfully complains that Bi was born too late, to the disappointment of his older female fans. Bi laughs and says he tried to be born earlier, but...

(c) unknown

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