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naja viel besser ist es nicht aber ein bisschen schon ....

Der zweite Versuch diesmal vom Chinesisch ins Englisch / the second attempt from Chinese to English:

Das ist im Übrigen nicht nur ein Interview, sondern alles was so zwischendurch gesagt wurde, egal ob von Rain, vom Fotografen oder dem Rest der Crew. Wie gesagt, Rain musste sich ja immer in Pose bringen für die Fotos.
Btw it's not only a Interview, there are the commets of the Narrator and photo and film crew too.

1.  Caption: Although the separation, but do not forget, my heart is always with you together

No matter what time the rain is always the next. Open daily, is the time to wish you a total of mind.

2.   Pictorial photography. Pictorial began in the bedroom in the shooting.

Narrator: From very early in the morning, the rain started shooting

On a bed of rain is kind of like how it ..
Because the initial stage after the first public performance on the bed, a bit shy of the rain

So that the atmosphere was good with the cheerful smile, covered with warm quilts, Zhenzhe soft pillows,

照着in warm sunshine on the bed, I love the people wake up the scene. . .

Today, there is no particular idea. Wants to make at home as on the nature of my activities. No special ideas, is the natural way home

Carbazole pyridazinones carbazole pyridazinones cameras take pictures of voice, posture efforts put.

But not want to put the moves as natural

I am a small downtown feel, two Haqian, the struggling Shenlan Yao began. A storm ah ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

On the morning of the day in bed to see the plan, in the face of hope, "will do better?» "Doubt,

You have given me confidence.

3.  Ah! What to do with the place! The first thing to do, shave!

Today, at least, not to shoot the rain, is Jung Ji-hoon of the day-to-day, it can not shoot in the bathroom of the way.

Wash your face. Ah ~ ~ uncomfortable. Who is the son of Shuai it «is not it»

Tidy look like? » The rain also want clean? »

In order to become your favorite rain, standing before the mirror I like.

4. Q. How the thought of this idea? »

People can see the image of me with out more, so would like to see the natural way.

Duoqing have only made a love like that the next film, then also make it look bad. Joked.

People can see if there may be many of you like the photo.

5.   1 do not want to leak, double-check the rain

Carefully examined photographs of the way. Tension photographer.

Therefore, such as his photographer for the evaluation and restlessness

As seems to be satisfied with the

Want to be a bad man. Seize your attention and seize your heart, Shi Magic allows you to look at me, is the desire of many men.

6. Rain in a small time like the way my mother cook.

But now even the kitchen on the way also very strange.

It is not the natural way.

Photographer:! Well, this bad.
Um, um, know it. Ah ah yo hot.

Affixed to the wall it is cooked

Would like to eat? »

Also face a cook, also cut the pepper, the smell of vegetables also heard, but still unskilled, to laughter.

But cooking or unskilled.

7.  Now the money earned, red also red, can also buy a lot of delicious food eat, but not to eat people.

Educated people to look at the newspapers. Oh «I did not press.

While the morning to drink coffee, while watching the day's newspapers, the rain can not miss is the daily life of one of the

Korean photographer with the newspaper his brother said to him, and he somewhat embarrassed

Chang Yichang Strawberry? » Not delicious »
Strawberry unnecessary to Zhao Chaer, no way, have to ask people to help.

Repeatedly said that we must look good (good).

( "완소남" 완전 소중한 남자 의 줄임말. Precious man completely omitted the word)
Put such a gesture. . .

This »

A very beautiful

Again and again, I want to do this ah.

Successfully broke into the Hollywood of the rain, the English language is not unfamiliar with the language.

The top! Rain is in the morning time.

At this point miss a meal together with the people, miss the people together to cook, can miss the lonely table meeting on the morning of you.您. . .

8. It is now clean look.

Become good men have to sweep hard.

But in acting and drama than, what the missing. .

Action limited, we should proceed from here? »

Have to clean laundry.

Finally, get their laundry props ready only after the show to meet face.

This is the rain like to do all their active participation.

9. Is not. The computer can handle black and white.

Illustrated decided to design the rain. Buffeting good to wash clothes to dry well, I better it »

Shan plot out a long time the dust, wash clothes crumpled in the ventilation of the cool, beautiful clothes to dry, is my Full House.

10. This is the real day-to-day performance, the one borrowed dogs

You do, then while watching TV while eating popcorn, dogs do not come and go on the trip.

Ah ah to the past.

Used as props of popcorn, like a good way to eat.

God has been in charge of the state of the dog. . . Would like to have been close to the dog.

Oops! Immediately put posture of professionalism.

I was rain. Brother ~ ~

Renzhendikan CD

Rain can not fail to mention that music. Fortunately, like the CD to find appreciation
Unfortunately, time is running short.

Saman and the windows of the sun is very suitable for the rain.

Banwo facing uncomfortable position, Pazhao Internet

11. Once again, and put the dog-li posture. This will be all right »

At this point quite close, and rain-li.
She is too concentrated, not fun (not shoot).
And the dog would like to become close and diligent efforts.

Li see here, this is what »

Please we have it good.

When the end, rain brother.

Immediately end, a little forbearance and tolerance.
Can see a few of the bar »

Seems to be satisfied with the results.

With the election of their own glasses.

As usual.

Just use a pair of glasses, a completely different image.

This is a separate film. Or lying on the sofa reading books or
Performance with a pair of glasses to look over. Naturally from T-shirt. . .

Seems to think that nausea, undress. . Generous with a bit shy.

Bu Haoshou a little heart
Li you know who I am? » Love music, love, curiosity and love of books, I was rain ah

12. To change the venue outside.

Location filming began Illustrated Group.
Also wear a hat with a jumper, but the cold weather that day,
Taken good-looking? » A bit worried. . Seem slightly worried about filming in the wild. .
Usually like to wear the wearing berets

Looking at one point the clouds are not the blue sky, the idea also want to travel temporarily. . .
The immediate photographers constantly asked a variety of positions.
Facing a natural posture, the challenges photographer
The rain began naughty. The camera in front of photographers.
How kind » My posture! Photographers like it »

13. Look for a variety of film and then engage in hair
Try to boost the roof? »
It is now arranged to the roof can then boost Dan Jita how kind »

Do not.
Photographers like playing a very interesting

Do it.
Oh » Photographers on the roof of a sudden.
And Parkinson saints to take photographs, how will the film together? »

First of all because it make the most natural look, and I think it is a tacit understanding of the people.
That, Parker is the first author to the author'sidentity登场(photographer), he liked the original photo, so I suggested,and he readily agreed to be photographed.

This and acquaintances to work together, cooperate in good »

How a little bit more natural, I can exchange ideas and make it can be said that much more burden light.

14.   Then the roof or in the shooting look slightly dangerous.

The roof screaming in the cold rain

Also a photographer taking pictures of both afraid of cold, but no way.

No matter how cold the rain also try our best.

Columbia, a bit cold.

Not cold, cold What cold.

No, I was barefoot ah.

Hu Hu winds started taking pictures.

Towards the end of it too cold.

So do not amuse me laugh


I laughed Biedou

Although the cold, but love and the people together, very happy the rain.
If the focus camera also feel cold, but because the film was bare-footed, finger also Dongde Ying Bangbang

But the roof or on the ground better than safety.

But the shooting safely. .

In the blue sky, a weak shadow of the sun, and singing for you.

16. Fans can send the gift of time is always very happy.

The whole room full of fans of the gifts and letters.
Always both the amount and variety.

Each could feel the hearts of fans.
Underwear, shoes, books, for the hearts of fans.
Cute puppy more than the rain. This has the gift is what » Very curious. .

Ah! Nothing. Fans love, for the rain.
But fans know what » Compared to the receipt of gifts, want more love the rain's heart.
Please accept our gift to the rain, thank you. Thank you, really. Really very grateful.
Only said a "refueling" the letter are (thank you)

17. Always sing while dancing side, so the keyboard look a little strange before, but always with music and happiness

According to each keyboard.

Nine it nine it five. Here is Capella

Have a nice day?

oh ~ ~ ~ yes

Wearing a headset playing with the rain.
Right? » Do not wear it »

Not natural.

Continue to make very happy.

Ah, there. Yesterday, all my troubles seemed so far away ~ ~

Notation pleased that the rain

See here singing.


See here.

Here it's here, I was Paizhe it.
Oh, 1,559 1,559

Is a tacit understanding of the two people

Please allow a temporary

Is not natural
Every moment of fun to find a happy man rain. Obsessed with the position of music
Renzhendikan music, music is always happy to rain.

18. Understanding of the first 10 years of cooperation.
It is a tacit understanding of the relationship, a very smooth and fast.
The film may not be long sustained by good works.
Has been watch-shoot, Chile-hoon also very satisfied with, I personally feel very satisfied.
Say so very Dao Weikou? » (Referring to boast a)
Very happy, if not natural, models do not naturally make itdifficult to shoot people, it is very comfortable and very happy withshooting.

19. To fans like to see the diversity, according to the requirements of photographers very seriously as did the

Like the new cameras are not familiar with.

Now make their own, turned over
No, face要得see it.

那么. . No, not. Is the case.
Aha! This!
Funny, that it » Is, did.
Usage and pleased to know

Good speech, it is his.
Good good.

Must carefully check shooting. Spinning the peacetime strength, the way complacent. Spinning this very good posture!

Casual clothes, casual clothes.
Want to hurry to change into the next camera clothing. Weather too cold can not help a scream
I wear ah.
My head why so much. Today, I really give you seen too much. Illustrated to make the utmost efforts.
This strange, strange.
No, no. Zuo Toufa again.
Yu said the photographer to a
What is your rain ah »
Because of the sentence to photographers at the scene photography to the outbreak of laughter.

I am very confident

帅气put the smiles and gestures, but it is very difficult Renzhu cold weather.

Because the cold lips tremble.

Is li
Come-li, li ~ ~

Meet again and the rain-li

Sitting here! Ride!

Now become very close and rain-li
Now become very close look. Guaiguai posture of the pendulum-li
On the lawn close look. Leave alone the li. This is the camera on the end of this »
At this point with two lovely little dog photo
Why are you fighting.
And rain close to the puppies were.
To see the other side

The end of the shooting

The hard
Illustrated fans to take pictures of the end of the moment.
Hope that the fans also want to offer the best gift
For the collection recalls a camera. Also check to make the final.

The hard

In the end the staff are hard to notice the rain

We take pictures for the end of the
Thank you very much for giving me the love, a lot like album,

Parkinson hard today to thank the saints
Chile today and very happy shoot-hoon, a cold. However, the results are good, for the day-to-day shoot-smoked like a best efforts.
Perhaps the best works out.
After filling us in the end it » January 2

Today, the end of your sense of Xiangzenmeyang »
You today to make a variety of photos, taken very happy and also very good.

Tianqi Leng, employees too hard, thanks to a good end.
We all hard, very grateful to everyone.

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cinxxx, no need to worry we think the same about the first translation: it's really awful!  Wink
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haha the second is better

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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Dear Phoenix,
I want to apologise again...I know how difficult it is to translate! I just get so frustrated to ALMOST understand it, but then...not!
Thank you for all the wonderful work you do here, and i will try not to complain! lol!
Keep up the good work!

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