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Interview Sincere Magazine Thailand No.52 (2007 ?)
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Sorry I don't know from when it is. I think end of 2007 ...

Answers from the Heart – The RAINing Prince

Article from Sincere Magazine Thailand No.52

Q: Apart from your talents in singing and dancing, what else do you do?

A: Previously I was filming a movie, but from now on, I would like to fully enter the international market. As for my well-being, everything is proceeding normally. I also intend to familiarize myself in business management; in the sector that I am most specialized with.

Q: People around you often say that you are very genuine. For you, what do you feel is the most important trait?

A: An important trait besides being genuine is the power of perseverance. If one cannot persevere, one will not be able to win. In addition, effort is what takes us to reach our goals. The more effort you put in, the sooner your goals will be realized.

Q: You are a person who is very famous and well-known. Have you ever thought of/wanted to return back to being just a regular guy? Because it seems like you rarely have any personal time for yourself.

A: I’ve debuted for about 5 years already, so my everyday life today has become my norm. I’ve never thought that I live differently from any other person. Before, I normally shopped at places unknown to many; but nowadays, I don’t really have many chances to do such things. But that doesn’t mean that my life isn’t the same as before. I still try to find places to shop where people don’t really frequent. (laughs)

Q: You always put in over a hundred percent effort in everything you do. For you, achieving this point has always been what you expected for yourself, right?

A: When I received the Daesung Award in 2004 and thanked my mother in my speech, that was the highest point of achievement for me already. It made me realize that I have grown and progressed so much at that point. I was the son that mother was proud of. That dream has already become a reality for me.

Q: Do you hold anyone to your esteem?

A: If in the terms of an actor, I would have to say Song Kang Ho (Secret Sunshine/Sympathy for Lady Vengeance). I try to learn from him the most I can. But I don’t expect myself to be as good as him. I also admire the talents from the younger actors as well. In terms of singing, I don’t really have anyone particular in mind because every talent is different in their own way. For me, being able to be everyone’s “bibi” is my greatest wish.

Q: Do you think you have already succeeded?

A: Actually, success is the result of your doings. In terms of fault, I think that I still have many. The result of your efforts is success. If I didn’t put in all my effort but the results were still favorable, to me, I see that as a mistake. I use the amount of effort put in as a measurement for success. If I tried my hardest and succeeded, I have achieved my goal.

Q: Do you eye the newer and younger talents as your competitors?

A: When I first started out, I was also a newbie. The feeling of being a rookie was my own push to do better. But back then, I believed that I was my very own competitor. I had to try my hardest and even until this day I still do. As for the other singers, I think that our styles are just different. Everyone has their own style and to compare this wouldn’t be sensible. For me, being called “bibi” by my fans already gives me great strength.

Q: At times when you are tired and out of strength, but know that you still have obligations to attend to, what do you tell yourself to keep on going?

A: I just tell myself that I want to be the son that my mother is proud of.

Q: Who is the one person that is always in your heart and will never be forgotten?

A: My mother, most definitely.

Q: How did u help coordinate your world tour?

A: Singers must fully prepare and put in all their efforts for their concerts. Right now, I oversee every aspect of the world tour.

Q: This might be a bad question to ask, but between the fame that comes with being Bi the singer and the fame that comes with being Jung Ji Hoon the actor, which do you like more?

A: Hmm… this is quite difficult to answer. But if out of a hundred, I would say 50 percent for the singer Bi, and 50 percent for the actor Jung Ji Hoon. Being a singer is not so complex. But being an actor is also not my life. I play the role according to the character assigned.

Q: If there was a scheduling conflict between your singing and acting activities, which one would you give more importance to?

A: Well normally, I wouldn’t let my singing and acting activities collide. I also hope that this wouldn’t happen in the future either. (laughs) But if it did happen one day, I would have to give importance to both. I would promote my album and my movie all at once.

Q: Being able to walk the red carpet with Park Chan-Wook and the Wachowski brothers must be a dream come true. Can you describe to us your feelings?

A: Being able to work with Park Chan-Wook and the Wachowski brothers is an unbelievable feeling. I also feel that it was truly a great honor for me to work with the three of them. It was a good and fun experience. Being able to receive this honor makes me realize that I have achieved another stepping stone for myself.

Q: Being able to ride your motorcycle is probably one of the best feelings in the world, right?

A: First of all, it is very refreshing, but I cannot be too reckless. When I drive my motorcycle, my head feels lighter. I really like this feeling.

Q: Besides riding your motorcycle, what other activities make you feel alive?

A: Probably snowboarding because of the same reasons as riding my motorcycle.

Q: Are you currently reading any books?

A: Right now I’m reading a book titled ‘Kihai’. No matter how busy I am, I will make time to read this book.

Q: You’ve been a singer for quite some time now; do you ever feel tired of it?

A: I have remixed some of my older songs from my previous albums. Each song is equally important to me. Being able to sing the remixed versions of my older songs in my world tour brings me sentimental feelings. There is no way that I will ever get tired of singing.

Q: Your Korean fans and your international fans all have a high regard for your singing. How do you feel about this?

A: When I first started to promote myself internationally, I did think that it would be great if I could hold concerts in each of the countries I visited. Surely then it was still a big dream. Since then, I have gotten to know many fans from various countries. At this point, I am able to bring enjoyable songs such as ‘I Do’ and ‘With You’ to my fans. It is really a feeling of great joy. Even when I started to release only 3 singles in Japan, the response has been overwhelming. For this, I must really thank them.

Q: I heard that as a child you really wanted to fly on an airplane. When you saw one in the sky, what were your feelings?

A: The very first time I saw an airplane, I just kept thinking ‘Wowww’. It’s really amazing. I think that when I wished to fly on a plane, I got to do so right away. But there was also a time when I felt sick of flying. But I had to be responsible towards my work. Since the plane is not too big for the sky, I should put in my effort towards my duty.

Q: A new album must come with new dance choreography. How did you input your ideas in this area?

A: Music and dance is already a big part of my life. I’m always observant towards my environment. From there on, I’ll just filter it into my dance to see if it will work.

Q: Is there anything that makes you happy these days?

A: I think it might be the days when I can be easy and do things in a slow pace. But I really don’t look back to those kinds of days anymore. But instead, it’s the love from the fans that makes me happy these days.

Q: Lastly, what kind of a person do you wish to become?

A: My happiness is when my family is happy. Everyone’s standard of happiness is different, but I try to do my best. Also, I want to be like my father who is both proud of his children and wife.

by: Mashi
direct translation from Thai to English by farmer-sexybi
found on soompi

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