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10 Oct 2005 - Triple Crown Interview
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10 Oct 2005 - Triple Crown Interview [1] Introduce a Guy -Jeong Jihun

[Part 1 of 4]
[Part 1] Interview with Jeong Jihun

In Korea, they think it is rather hazardous to be an entertainer. Of course, there are many times when some entertainers are the cause of scandals. But it is not common in the world to dig up entertainers’ privacies and judge their conducts as harshly as in Korea, and to tag along after them in a life-long time if they had been once found fault with.

It is similar in many other countries, but Paparazzi or reporters or such occupational doers do so in there. Whereas in Korea, all the consumers of entertainment industry participate in such a matter on the basis of Internet.

In this situation, to the top star in his mid-20s, to the person who becomes such a star as to appear in the CNN TV ‘Talk Asia,’ What ‘occupation’ does he feel his stardom to be?; What thinking does he live on in?;... By taking his only resting time in Hong Kong, I tried the following interview with him.

When: At 0 ~ 1 A.M. October 10, 2005
Where: At the party on the ship after Hong Kong concert

Lennon: First, I will ask a promotional question. In overseas, they will be interested in the Rain as a singer, while in Korea they are all now wondering about how the drama 'I Juk Sa(A Love To Kill)' by the TV-actor Jeong Jihun would be going on. What do you say to this work?
Jeong Jihun: The work ‘A Love To Kill’ is...about a heavy love story.

The thing is...there is a woman of the old brother whom she loves. One way or another, they are separated by their parents, and there builds up a misunderstanding between them. They love each other: the brother in the drama misses the woman, and the woman also misses the brother. All of a sudden, the brother became a human vegetable. For that reason, his younger brother in the drama determines to revenge upon her.., in the story.

If this drama comes out, I guess you won’t be able to see any of my looks up to now. I am so confident considering that. Some of them may praise me; some of them may blame me looking at the drama, but it is the work I am personally so confident of.

Lennon: An interesting thing is...take ‘Full House’ for example, it was a character of famous entertainer. The cast also was star-casting... So it is a production of major orientation. So is the character in ‘Sangdu, Let’s Go To School.’ Still so is ‘A Love To Kill,’ when you finally chose the hybrid martial art player standing in a blind alley of life instead of a Junior millionaire, (though there was some trouble previously in between after you were invited to a junior millionaire’s character.)

I see, that doesn’t look like a general choice; is there any criterion of choosing your work for production?

Jeong Jihun: I wish I’d never perform a mercenary stuff. Sometimes it just so happens in the process of going regardless of myself. However, I set out my work really to be an actor on TV. I wish I’d hate to participate in a mercenary movie, if I get a chance to be in a movie. Instead, I would like to perform in...the works where I can be satisfied, which I can truly demonstrate for my manias “Oh really, Rain does as much as that level of performance!” My starship will be displayed through singing and other various ways - like CF,... Now, what is important for me is not materialism. Now, it seems indeed to be my pride. Self-respect, this seems to be the one that counts. The one that will keep the quality on would do.

Lennon: Then, do you take a role assigning in a degree between singer Rain and TV-actor Jeong Jihun?
Jeong Jihun: Rather than role assigning, I can do both that I want to and I am just so happy. Hmm, not that I’d better do something by doing one or do something by doing the other, but that I can do all that I’d like to and that’s why I am quite happy. It’s not that I do things by a previously-fixed line of scheme.

Lennon: Did you ever take any lesson for the professional acting on TV?
Jeong Jihun: Yes.

Lennon: Then, how do you keep on learning acting yourself?
Jeong Jihun: For pronunciation, I should learn. Though any actor or actress must learn pronunciation, yet acting is not something that should learn through academic lessons. Acting must never be learned. For, if I learn acting within a fixed frame, then it is just the imitator after others, not his own acting, I can tell.
One day, someone asked me this way: - “Did you ever learn acting?” - I responded, “No” - He said, “But, don’t you think you should?” - “No, not at all. It doesn’t matter.” If I am to blame or not, it is the audience that makes the judgment. I just speak and act as I feel.

Lennon: When you act on TV, I can tell you act very instinctively. What is the most important part in your acting?
Jeong Jihun: Sincerity!

Lennon: Does the sincerity lie in the character Gang Bokgu of ‘A Love To Kill’? What do you feel is the character of Gang Bokgu?
Jeong Jihun: Mine is a villain’s role, quite a villain’s role. He is a real bad guy. Dividing each person, he does every means for the sake of a single woman. Later in the drama, however, I’d like to really...betray, say, the point that the kid Gang Bokgu is real pitiable, the point that represents if there is any man such as him on earth in women’s point of view. By the way, millionaire’s son? Good, Very good. But that kind of character is rather popular. So it’s rather a pity not to get around to...though I wished to. But anyway, Gang Bokgu is a very special character whom you might get around to less than once in a lifetime, as I think. So I did desire.

Lennon: You are so positive.
Jeong Jihun: Yes, I am pretty sure.

Lennon: Although you didn’t an acting lesson as you said, yet I am sure you may have been working on another sense of studies watching movies and dramas prior to acting your character. It is often that actors take some actor or some movie character for reference before they act their roles. For ‘A Love To Kill,’ do you have any actor or movie character for reference?
Jeong Jihun: Of course. You know what they say, “Imitation is the mother of creation.” This saying holds water to a degree. If I refer to the acting of other actors...if it were, such as Al Pacino, Robert De Niro, it helps me get inspiration in acting. Take ‘Scarface’ of Al Pacino for example, which is, umm, a story of drug traffickers in the background of Florida, Al Pacino’s face in the movie never changes at all. Later in between, he represents a subtle change bit by bit. Things like the conflict between such external presence of mind and psychological transition might help the drama ‘A Love To Kill.’

Lennon: And, how about ‘Carlito’s Way’? There is some similarity between both in the sense of the story of a character amidst the blind end.
Jeong Jihun: Yes. I’ve recently got that piece as well. I couldn’t watch it due to busy overseas schedule.... Back in Korea, I will watch and study it.

Lennon: To go on with the acting story and to be frank with myself, the reason I became interested in Jeong Jihun is because of a scene in the drama ‘Sandu, Let’s Go To School.’ Until then, I just thought “He’s just a good performer as a singer....” But the motive for my feeling you are of something beyond that was a certain scene of you with Lee Donggeon in the drama ‘Sangdu, Let’s Go To School.’

I don’t remember the exact content, but Lee Donggeon was very serious-looking after he found out something, while Sangdu alone was highly elevated. So he talks loudly swinging his arms in front of Lee Donggeon. I thought at first it was just an overaction. As the scene move on, however, something lumpy felt in my bosom, to my weirdness. “So I see, it is not that he is ignorant, but that he is avoiding the situation though he knows. Even if he knows obviously his situation is up to a limit, he is somehow forcefully trying to get over the hump,” this kind of his earnest feeling came to my mind.

And so was ‘Full House’ similar. While the character was a luxury top star entertainer, he seemed more to be a person who suffered due to family background, a person who was trying to overcome it with a novel love, rather than top star, according to my thinking and fans’ response of the time. Therefore, there seems to be a certain similarity in those quite different two characters. Is it related to your experiences or sentiment or something?

Jeong Jihun: I guess I should tell about my acting style. To mention the most confident part in my acting...hmm....

At first, they all might not adapt to my acting very well. But in time passing, like you said, it might get them addicted to the character, saying “Oh.” This is the acting I pursue. To tell why I was so serious in the drama ‘Sangdu..,’ I had a daughter called Bori and Donggeon had known she was not my daughter, but Donggeun couldn’t take a chance to tell though he wished to. Meanwhile, I had known the fact, too.

If I think what I will do in the case that I were the person in that situation and if I become him, I shouldn’t play a kind acting to make others understand at that time. The situation is, he truly tries to conceal himself, not that he shows he know pretending to be ignorant. So he makes believe to be still brighter and still more energetic. It might have looked like more overaction than usual. Since the audience and Donggeon already knew the fact, they would have looked at another bosom of Sangdu different from Sangdu’s intention.

In there if I hadn’t been into Sangdu’s heart and attempted the acting to make the audience understand, I wouldn’t have made out that impression, I suppose. That is sincerity that I think.

Speaking of ‘Full House’ as well...hmm.... Many of them said, “Say, the character Rain acts cannot be another! What Rain acts? It’s he that made the character be so.” There were very many who said so. In order to get into the bosom of the character, I study almost all night; after reading the script almost all night, I keep on agonizing, “Is it natural for this character to make a hand gesture here? How can I get near to the other?...,” to produce a result. As I act in so thinking, the character of ‘Full House’ I had thought came to my sense. Not a man of luxury and popularity, he rather tries to cover his scars with those! This way, I approached him.

Lennon: I don’t know how you will accept, but I don’t believe that there were many who said the character Rain acts in ‘Full House’ could not be another. Though you might be aware of it, the drama had the complaint among fans that producers and performers laid their arbitrary hands on the original script.

Jeong Jihun: Oops... In my thinking, the drama ‘Full House’ was good. Because it was a result of the pains by all the staff members and performers, I wish you wouldn’t be as too sharp as so. Because the director allowed me and Hyegyo to adlib to our utmost, we were helped very greatly in learning acting.

Lennon: In viewers’ point of view, the frame of acting might feel similar in a degree. Of course, the impression of consistency in an actor may be a virtue to a young actor, while it may be a barrier at moments. What do you say?
Jeong Jihun: Yes, it is. Therefore, hmm...what should I say? While I was doing in ‘Full House’ for the first time, I didn’t do the Part I and II like I act when I act. As it were, I didn’t act awkwardly; rather I tried hard to show another Sangdu. If Rain in ‘Full House’ had looked like a character who seeks a bright looking like Sangdu, they might rather have said to themselves he is the same as Sangdu. So even if I might be told I acted poorly at first, I tried very hard to process differently. So as I go Part IV, Part V and so on, I grow more accustomed to the acting. In such a way I move on towards where I aim, but not try to act similarly.

To be continued...
credits and translation by prlttr of jeongjihun.com


Triple Crown_2005/Oct/10 [2] Introduce a Guy - Bi

[Part 2 of 4]
[Part 2] Interview with Jeong JiHun

Lennon: Now then, actor Jeong Jihun and singer Rain look like quite different persons in appearances. Actually, I feel one connection between them. If I should say, something like earnestness.... Particularly, more so in ‘It’s Raining.’ “I thought that high-leveled star might have shown something like idleness or haughtiness, but I still felt a lot of his earnestness.”

“Whether it be dancing, whether it be singing...he could otherwise behaved swaggeringly in that situation saying ‘Hey, you see? This is Rain.’ But I felt he was approaching earnestly as if saying ‘I have been doing up to this; how can you not like me.’” The reason why the music video of ‘It’s Raining’ was impressive was because of his earnestness and suspense, I could tell.

“You know, there are times people are cold even when a superstar appears on the stage. At the same time, to make them aroused is the power of the performer’s.” I think that is the character of Mr. Jihun. “In seeing, I guess he might have set some tentative limits of himself. That is like, ‘I am up to here; there’s a barrier to get over in front. So I am in the situation about to break it here and move on....’”
Bi: Oh...you’ve got quite the point on the question. I am actually suffering so much trouble, in a sense. I am almost up to the emotion of bone-pruning and blood-spurting to the point of feeling like dying. On and on, other people might turn up their nose at me saying, “Now, what will you come out with? Phew, what do you think you are doing with that now?”

Before I release the 2nd album, almost all people said about me, “Hey, Rain will be no better than just there.” At that time...rather than being afraid, I said to myself, “Jihun, is this your limits? Jihun, then it’s a shame. Why don’t you really show yourself to the world?” Just so, I didn’t go out of home for a month. Even in America, I didn’t do out and I said to myself, “How can I get over this big barrier myself? How can I break this ice to the people who are accustomed to my choreography of the present?”

In so agonizing myself, something occurred to me, “Oh yes, why should the dancing singer dance in any case? Okay, let’s be myself a manikin this time. Let’s stand to sing. In glasses, in clothes, in the name of ‘visual,’ why don’t I move on to a success or fail! Instead, never forge myself to be a live singer. Whether spurting blood or catching a serious cold, remember I have to die on the stage.” From then on, I just stood still calm with glasses. Fortunately, it went along well with music to a good result. Of course, I still felt thirsty. I still felt I was too poor, with a long long way to go yet.

Lennon: In my eyes, the suspense is a charm. In a sense, I thought there would be various ways until after ‘How To Avoid The Sun.’ But after watching the show ‘It’s Raining’...I really thought Rain couldn’t have chosen such as ‘I Do’ as the title. Meanwhile, I have no idea of whether there would be another more intense song than ‘It’s Raining.’ What do you say?
Bi: (He smiles) It’s possible.

Lennon: Oh, is it?
Bi: Hmm, I got an idea. A peculiar thing among people I found was, whenever people heard the song ‘It’s Raining,’ they would say...“Yuck, how do you think you can go on with this? You shall soon end up in the ditch!” But after when they saw my dancing and visual stuff, they liked it. This coming time back again, the visually-campaigning-days are over.

Now again, music is more important. Like I said in the day before yesterday (in the press conference), I don’t try fitting myself into reality. Whether an album go well or bad, I’d like to be better-showing than right now. I think I will change my map of choreography and dressing. What I just meant is, like I changed the trend of dressing in ‘It’s Raining.’ I mean, like I changed the trend in my jacket and in my changed styles, I hope I could change the trend this time back again.

Hmm, that will do. If you should wait and see, you might acknowledge ‘Wow, is there a better way!’ I guess it will have you next year.

Lennon: So I feel personally though, the actions in the next album may be something of a grand event.
Bi: Really...It shall be quit a bigger one. In this coming time, I will exert myself to make it quit a big event upon my life.

Lennon: How do you keep chime with Park Jinyoung the director in musical points?
Bi: Ah.... Hmm, there are actually much difference in musical standpoints of view with Park Jinyoung - very much.

Lennon: Oh, are there?
Bi: Oh yes, there are real many differences of viewpoints between me and senior Park Jinyoung. However, we make a good relationship somehow. I can never get over Park Jinyoung’s mastery to have built up through 13 years - even if I might fly like a superman....

Even so, by being in tune with each other into one, we can make a much better one. I know what I need; senior Jinyoung know his own knowhow. And somehow we adjust up our music. In that way, the two songs ‘How To Avoid The Sun’ and ‘It’s Raining’ came out.

I don’t think the two songs are the best. Just, I think they are the meaningful crops that all the staff members made their efforts to bring about. Next time again, we ought to make at least anything, right? I am worried about that.... I am thinking, ‘What aspects on earth should I show?’ In that agonizing process, a song seems to come out.

Lennon: To continue talking about music, this is one of the feelings that I had in Internet surfing. People consider Rain to be a dance-singer. So Rain as a vocalist doesn’t seem to be talked about very often.
Bi: Yes.

Lennon: What do you think about that?
Bi: Hmm, first, the good points and bad of dance-singers are.... Anybody will be so. If I had come as a ballade singer with a song, they might not have said a word. “He is just a ballade singer. He just looks like a good singer,” they might have just passed by without saying any word distinctive.

But if somebody comes out with this visual, this dancing, they could say “He is only a dancer.” For ballade singer, it is okay to be a good singer. It is okay if they sing well and regulate their condition. Dance-singer, however, he or she has to sing, has to dance, and has to make performance in the dancing. ‘Then, are they really obliged to sing and make performance while dancing?’ Oh yes, they should. At least it holds water for me, of course. Only so, I can demonstrate myself properly on the stage. That’s what a dance-singer ought to do.

For that reason, I wish they would look at dance singers in a rather different perspective. The fact that a dance-singer sings a song means the relationship with visual. In so doing, he or she should think of both dancing and singing, showing the song perfectly suitable for the stage.

To speak of myself, I am confident I have seldom been out of tune in my live concerts. In the meantime, I think lip-sync is sometimes needed when necessary. For, in the situation of bad acoustics for live, they may use lip-sync so that they present something more perfect performance, I think. I wish they would understand this characteristic of dance-singers to a degree.

Lennon: So much so, the person himself is said to sing a song by understanding the relationship between music and performance. In your case, through what process do you do vocal directing? Like a fixed idea about dance-singers, in the case of working with a famous producer as in you Mr. Jihun, they will mostly think the producer might do things all dominantly.
Bi: Vocal directing is.... Hmm, speaking of what I can tell about vocal training, I have gotten training from three persons. I learned first from one who was a chorus member and from Jinyoung the senior. But now, I don’t learn from Jinyoung. Now...in America, there is the studio established by Ray Charles the master, in which place l am doing the practice of vocalization.

Learning from others like that, I have been looking for some character of mine. The problem is, others don’t seem to recognize in that way. They just find no other way but to say, “He is too much like Park Jinyoung.” Who is making music!? On the other side, it is me that tune up my vocal in the situation. I mean, me and Jinyoung the senior are not identical. I will have nothing to say, if I am told “Of course, you both are the same!?”

I am confident, however, that I sing songs within my own sentiment like I compose dancing myself alone in my secluded choreography room. In that way, my music comes from the tuning up between the music of senior Jinyoung and my voice.

Lennon: So you mean to say it is you yourself who do the vocal directing dominantly, don’t you?
Bi: Yes, I do. It would be but a shame, you know...if I were drawn along by others, now that I put out the 3rd album.

Lennon: Yet, you know, the vocal part in you Mr. Jihun’s case can’t be separated from the choreography. For instance, there are times when you have to control respiration during dancing; there are times when you put more emphasis on songs; or there are times when you put more emphasis on the dancing. Do you compose choreography with all such things considered?
Bi: Indeed...it is 100% live.

Lennon: Live?
Bi: Yes, 100% is not in songs but in my ad-lib. Songs are sung live, of course. Dances are what I dance as my sentiment goes. Not that I should dance here in this scheduled point, but that I just do the dance motions that I’d like according to how things are while I am singing. I don’t write dance composition in the previously prepared plan, like ‘I should do rest in this part because I might have trouble in breathing here.’ According to how things are going, it applies differently. It is the same in acting, and the same in all others. According to how the counterpart performer speaks his or her lines to me, my acting can vary. According to how things go, it can vary each time.

Lennon: So you mean you make first the line of flow. And for the rest of it, according to how things go,...
Bi: It can vary.

Lennon: Well, in a sense, the flow seems very important. In fact, I suppose you Mr. Jihun’s choreography became the talk of the town, first because you were a great dancer, but because you drew the concept of choreography in ‘How To Avoid The Sun’ and the concept of performance in the M Net Award. Not only concerts but also choreography sure seem to be a performance with the four story steps - introduction, development, turn, and conclusion. Does it have any relationship with acting in a degree?
Bi: Yes, it sure it. Anything needs the four steps for a story. Hmm, you know, if you study, you study very hard on the day before testing, while you idle away around before a month. (Bi smiles) Well, do you remember you said something like tension? If one strains himself from start till finish, other ones too will feel how boring and how toilsome it is. However, they say “Why hasn’t he danced in the situation where he is expected to dance?” Then there comes a great bang bang. This is what I think is the four step for a story.

You remember, in a performance of mine I included a firecracker dance. Every place, they blow up with a bang bang. This is what I’d like to call a climax. And then there is a tempo of rest.... Like in acting, so in dancing and performing and all, I can tell I need some flow through which I can control people’s mind.

Lennon: So I can see the star called Rain has the closely related acting and music. Though this question might be a stupid one, what meaning does acting and music each have?
Bi: Acting...is the ‘job’ I really desired to do. Dancing is just me. Singing is, what should I say, Mmm...my mind so that I can dance in a wide variety. The stress gotten from acting, I ease it with singing myself. The stress gotten from singing, I ease it with acting myself. This attraction, nobody knows. Most likely, the persons who do both will understand. Instead of being at one center of the two, I guess I sure need both of the two as what I desire, as myself, and as the energy that may draw myself along.

to be continued..
credits and translated by: prlttr of jeongjihun.com


Triple Crown_2005/Oct/10 [3] Introduce a Guy - Rain

[Part 3 of 4]
[Part 3] Interview with Rain

Lennon: Hmm, it seems that both are very very important in your advancing overseas. In the beginning, one can emit emotional friendliness through a drama. But it is the activities through dancing and singing of very strong image to keep and strengthen the atmosphere of star over the point, as I see.
Rain: Ah... my dance is very strong. If my dance had been poor, (I don’t mean I am an excellent dancer,) if my dance had been a little poorer, more of something otherwise would have come in - like acting, singing.... Because my dance is much better than other things, the image of mine seems to remain very strong in the minds of foreign people. At the corner of my mind, I wish I could have been better in acting than in dancing. I am trying to be received as an image who is as good at acting as an intense image of star.

Lennon: Personally, I was interested seeing this Hong Kong Performance. Hmm, I mean...the response to Jung Jihun the actor is the same as the one when the drama was broadcasted in Korea. While I felt Rain the singer was not very relative to the Korean wave. I asked the audience in the performance hall. And they didn’t seem to like Mr. Rain because he is a Korean wave star or because he had some Korean attraction.

Rather, it seemed they treated you as if you were a Hollywood star. I supposed whether they liked you Mr. Rain because your music, your music video, even your physical condition are more close to a ‘global standard’ rather than a Korean attraction. What do you say - I mean - to the response of foreign fans, according to what you see?

Rain: Hmm... What should I say? I’d like to own my own world rather than incorporated into the hot-aired Korean wave.

What I mean is, I am a Korean and I am proud of that. But when I went to Hong Kong, I am a Hong Kong artist, and when I went to Japan, I am a Japanese artist; this is what I think. So I wish I could be one of the artists, when they see me in other countries. I wish not that I could be just a Korean waver or a number one, but that I could be one who leads the center of the entire Asian culture code. In this performance, I was told that today Cecilia Cheung visited, and that yesterday some other Hong Kong stars visited. They all said they saw such performance for the first time.

That is to say, in their eyes, I was kind of a crazy guy (Rain smiles). Sudden tearing one’s clothes, situational acting while smiling suddenly like a fool instead of dancing or singing (he smiles)...; they don’t seem to look at these characteristics as novel tries. With my own characteristics such as those, I would like to approach to the people in Asia and to have them feel refreshed. I would like to have them feel kind of shocked to see that such character comes even from in Asia - like, there was no such person but right now he’s come up....

Lennon: I guess you are thinking of something Asian or further some world-wide concept rather than something Korean. Is it the ultimate direction?
Rain: The ultimate objective is...umm.... First, I have to be the best in Korea. Next if I am the best in Asia, then I think I may well challenge the American Market. As matter of course, the tallest barrier into there is language. After I try and try and become the top in Asia and should only be able to solve the language handicap, I don’t think it would be totally impossible.

Lennon: Personally, I was wondering...umm... There is music in the core of Mr. Jihun’s such global image. And your music is almost contemporary with the western trend. I think such music would feel shocking and refreshing to Asians who are in the phase of accepting the western club culture over all. But the westerners from whom your music is might have felt your music somewhat different in their eyes, what response do you remember did they have?
Rain: Hmm... First, I will mention this. Originally, I was supposed to work with Ril Kim. Too bad, he was put in jail due to his being charged with perjury. I got a call from him that said, “Too regrettable, I had to put out an album hurriedly. First, I will release the pieces I already worked myself. And you will work other ones with me again in the next album.” (In fact, Rain’s participation in the album had previously been announced in Ril Kim’s official homepage.)

What I am about to say might be what I want to say. Ril Kim likes oriental music very much. He felt something mystic in the motions as of the drunken martial art and the Tai-Chi martial art that are a little included in my dances. He was interested in my no double eyelids (Rain smiles). They found something mysterious in what we considered to be natural.

On other hand, the discrimination against the Oriental persons was much diminished. I guess the westerners were thinking the music like ‘It’s Raining’ has some mystical oriental color on the basis of their trend.

Lennon: You rather recognized that, by their criterion, there was something unique included on the grounds of their trend.
Rain: Yes. Mine was not a properly-formed pop, not a two step, or not an upbeat, and neither was there for them to call. Somehow, they were attracted. Or rather, they might have wanted to make things that way....

Lennon: You mean the viewpoint of the westerners accepts a mixed culture itself?
Rain: Yes.

Lennon: To tell you coldly, they say about you, “Even so, Mr. Jihun is domestically merely an imitator of Usher?” There are even the people who say about Park Jinyoung, “He was lucky. He was a good lobbyist. Even so, wasn’t it just an album title song?” What do you say?
Rain: As I think that, whether criticize or slander, it helps every artist. But to help him more encouraged, they not only criticize the singer when they should but also acknowledge him or her when they should in overseas. Well now, I speak positively. I have been influenced a lot by Michael Jackson. I like Michael Jackson quite a lot.

I haven’t tried to imitate Michael Jackson or Usher. But it could be possible for something similar to come out in my items. For Michael Jackson, I was influenced by the dance and some motions...and such things.

In America, Usher and Justin Timberlake also was criticized for their imitating Michael Jackson too much. Although it might be different according to how you do, something very similar could happen in the process that you are coming out with some idea in the stage. Of course, there might have been a time when, in spite of yourself, you get a certain motive from a person.

But I don’t want to make excuses. I have self-esteem, and I am confident upon my pride that I don’t do something too similar so much as to be told, “Oh, he’s just Usher’s imitation..,” as if I am somebody who copies in the same manner. I am myself. Even if I were with him, I am sure I can show a performance different from him.

Lennon: Come to hear of what you say, it seems you are very confident.
Rain: If the confidence runs too over, it will go bad (he smiles). But at least on the stage, I wish I could have the best confidence, even if I might be poor.

to be continued...
credits and translated by prlttr @ jeongjihun.com


Triple Crown_2005/Oct/10 [4] Introduce a Guy - JeongJiHun

[Part 4 of 4]
[Part 4] Interview with JeongJiHun

Lennon: We used a certain word meaning prejudice a while ago. What is the worst prejudice that is hardest for you to bear as a human being?
Jeong Jihun: Ah, do you mean prejudice about me?

Lennon: I mean, if there is like the ‘thing that you can bear as an entertainer but cannot stand as a human being because you are so angry and mad that you feel like using violent language’?
Jeong Jihun: Rumor, some outrageous rumor would come out of nowhere, like ‘I saw something, I heard something....’ I wish they would rather speak of the real name and just tell the truth from the start.

If I had really done, I would have said, “I am so sorry to have caused trouble. I will make sure this won’t happen again next time.” Or “I will submit to punishment.”

On the contrary, if one put on anonymous bulletins such rumor items as ‘I saw in my eyes; I heard in my ears’ evading a real name and disregarding a certain person’s character, this makes the victim feel too hurt.

I try not to care about it. But there were times when I felt like the above, saying to myself “I do this to entertain people; but do they really see me this way?”

Lennon: The reason I had you talk what you want to say this way is.... Did you ever see the ‘Quotations from Jeong Jihun’?
Jeong Jihun: Ah, yes.

Lennon: To speak of an interesting part in the Quotations from Jeong jihun.... There are sometimes exciting ones in Quotations from other entertainers, even a story of breaking something to pieces. But then the Quotations from Mr. Jihun are.., guess what, it feels like reading something like ’40 Rules for Success.’
Jeong Jihun: (Smiling) Yes, I agree.

Lennon: You have a very reliable impression. There ware actually rumors around but no ugly scandal. Certainly, I think this is the virtue of Mr. Jihun. It is not easy to think that way in where you are, which is the basis of your confidence, I think. But because of such aspects of yours, there might arise people who dislike Mr. Jihun, don’t you think so?
Jeong Jihun: Ah, it could be. Actually I didn’t know at all, but I saw people wanting much human aspect from me. Here, I’d like to mention that I am really human....

In fact, if I say on the Radio “Everybody, in my opinion this looks like this.” There might be quite some audience who say “What’s he saying? He is saying that way because he has already made a success. What the heck is with him?”

Even I would say to myself, “He’s saying so because he’s made a success” if senior Jinyoung said something in the past. I guess the people who receive might have a distaste.

Actually, when I saw the Quotations for the first time, I thought to myself “What a bad luck.” (Smiling,) did I say this far...? The reason I said so was not because I was conscious, but it was quite different from something I had in mind in 10 years of hardships, thinking ‘I won’t do this way. Jihun, let’s keep this in mind.’ I wish they understand a little more of it (he smiles.)

Lennon: Don’t you feel like having some leisure time by now?
Jeong Jihun: Yes, I feel like it so much (he smiles).

Lennon: So what I wonder is.... Actually Mr. Jihun is top star, which nobody could deny this. What I felt here is, “Where does the power of a top star reach?: Where does the power of a person expand, who leads a flow in the center of Asian entertainment?” This is what I thought. In that case, you know, there might arise things you have to give up.
Jeong Jihun: Yes.

Lennon: In doing what you do now, if there are things you had to give up though you really didn’t want to and if there is any single one which you will never lose hold of in any case, what are they?
Jeong Jihun: It is pride, the pride that I am the best on the stage. I am no better than anybody outside the stage. Even now, I say “Wow~” to see other entertainers performing. Really, it feels like I am as low as that. On the other hand, I imagine I am better than anybody at least on the stage.

The thing I should throw out is.... You might think this is paradoxical. I remember I said I didn’t want to do commercial acting. It is not bad that you have popularity and ovation and raise much money on CF. But some day it is to disappear.

Before keeping it and having it disappear itself, I would rather throw away those materialistic things quickly myself, controlling myself. Then, I would rather be said, “Ah, Jeong Jihun does good job in acting. Rain sings very well. He is a great dancer.” I really don’t want to be said, “How much money has that guy raised? He is considered to be just a popularity hunter,” which sounds awkward. Therefore, what I should discard and transcend seems to be something like stardom.

Lennon: In the meantime, what are there to discard in everyday life.
Jeong Jihun: Girlfriend.

Lennon: You go into a single word (smiles). Having an interview with you, I see your pride and your sincerity about everything seem like keywords.
Such mentality that ‘I am the best at least this moment I do upon my name’ - of course other stars as well should be the same - it isn’t an easy task that one approaches sincerely with such mind in his or her mid-twenties.
In your eyes, what is the meaning of job. I mean, you are the top Asian star, which is currently your ‘occupation.’ With what attitude do you look at things in your job?
Jeong Jihun: I know what is the meaning of huger and starvation. There were times when I couldn’t even eat meals due to no money, which make me feel emotionally hurt even now. Compared with those days, the situation now is nothing.
I should catch hold of where I should go presently and why I do these things. And one more thing. When you went somewhere and said “Guess what. Rain is Korean, my country person,” did you see them saying “Wow~.” You saw it, right? Like Hong Kong people’s learning Korean, such things seem like a true pleasure gotten through my job, much more importantly than money or secular success.

Lennon: In some people’s eyes, don’t you think you seem as if you have nothing like pleasure because you are too addicted in you job?
Jeong Jihun: Some persons who don’t know think that way. But somehow I stay greatly happy. While, if I rest doing nothing, it could sooner cause me much more pain.

Lennon: Yes, I can seem to understand what you have to say.
Jeong Jihun: Do you get it? Do you see I am an workaholic?

Lennon: Yes, I am getting it deeply right now.
Jeong Jihun: Like, if I stay still, it occurs to me that I should do anything in this situation.

Lennon: You might sure like to do something next one....
Jeong Jihun: In a sense, thinking of what is next also causes me more stress. Like this time after job, I take a sip of hard drink and relieve stress before getting into another job, which seems to be better.

Lennon: I see. Finally, this is my personal question, a curiosity that people in the 20s like me have. What is your remaining dream, as a person who is kind of at the peak in the twenties like Mr. Jihun.
Jeong Jihun: (Smiles brightly,) a businessman. I am confident I will do the best. The reason I learn English is actually because I have a job I have been doing and because I have a dream in the job. A step further, though, at the time when it feel like your no more advance from somewhere, you might make a little more money if you keep on releasing a few more albums for materialistic gains, doing the same old job even though this is the end of your road. If I am up to limits, however, I’d rather like to stop there cleanly and embark upon some enterprise even if I go into bankrupt. For these reasons, I am studying English and reading many marketing books these days.

Lennon: In a sense, that is another ‘limit setting,’ I can call.
Jeong Jihun: It is a period of transition. In 10 years from now, another Jihun, a CEO named Joeng Jihun, might come into being.

Lennon: It seems nothing is perfect in life.
Jeong Jihun: Yes, most likely.

Lennon: Now finally, let’s play an association game. If I say a word, you can in turn say any short word or phrase. Hong Kong.
Jeong: Star.

Lennon: Sangdu.
Jeong Jihun: Me.

Lennon: Mother.
Jeong Jihun: Love.

Lennon: Stage.
Jeong Jihun: Good.

Lennon: Netizen.
Jeong Jihun: Oh, good.

Lennon: Is it good?
Jeong Jihun: Yes, good (smiles).

Lennon: Jeong Jihun.
Jeong Jihun: Jeong Jihun? He’s a fool.

Lennon: Some words for your fans.
Jeong Jihun: Always take care. Please be fond of ‘A Love To Kill’ (smiles). If you see the drama, I am more than sure you will be surprise. I have really put my best efforts in it. So try watching. Thank you for the fans in Korea. I really appreciate those who cheered for me in another country like this time.

Lennon: Thank you, in the situation I’ve taken away supposedly this break time.
Jeong Jihun: Oh no. This is what I am supposed to do.

Thanks to : I appreciate psychology professor Hwang Sangmin who offered equipments for a smooth interview to be possible in a surprise situation; to Bi/Jeong Jihun/Rain who answered with sincerity to the 30-something questions, which was almost hastily-asked, allowing almost an hour of unscheduled time to a community administrator the moment he should otherwise have taken a rest in the party after all the schedule (at the time of Tyrese and manager Usher passing by!)


Interviewer/Dictation: Gang Myeongseok(lennonej@freechal.com)

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Da hat sich jemand aber immense Arbeit gemacht. Leider kann ich das vom Büro aus nicht lesen. Werde mich mal dransetzen wenn ich daheim bin und ein wenig mehr Zeit habe. Vielen dank fürs Posten Phoenix. Dir geht wirkilich nichts verloren. Alles immer schön beisammen. Danke für die Mühe. *knutsch*

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Ich habe von diesem Interview noch nie gehört! Danke für diesen Schatz, Phoenix! Ich werde es mir auch später in Ruhe durchlesen. Ist ziemlich lange!  Mr. Green
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