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16 Oct 2006 - SBS PowerFM Radio Show
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16 Oct 2006 -  SBS PowerFM Radio Show


Why everyone love him?

Reason 1 his singing and dancing ability, can not be compared with others

reason 2 the muscle and charisma, and killing smile

reason 3 his sincerity and humbleness

There would be at least 935 more reasons why everyone fall to him.

Here we have Rain today.

PSH (Park So Hyun, the hostess): hi

Rain: Hi (laughing at the intro.), I'm glad to be here.

P: long time no see!

R; Yeah, it's been about 2 years already.

P: You were out abroad mostly, was hard to meet you in Korea for such a long time.

R:I officially came back 4 days ago, and this is my first radio show.

P: I saw the showcase on TV last night, it was such a touching show, and I was so impressed.

R: I prepared for it a lot.

P: I could see that.

R: During the past 2 years, I had a hard time creating something new.

I did not want to show the same dance moves, and same singing.

I wanted to show some improvement. So, I regularly took lessons for both singing and dancing.

And specialized my solo dance moves from a guy name Davis Scott and Rich AJ (sorry, don't know how to spell the name correctly.) in LA.

P: Wow. I thought your dance is already at the top and so never thought you would need any kind of special training.

I thought you should have done a great vocal training because your singing ability at the showcase was amazingly improved.

Specially the 'bed' song.

R: I will be embarrassed and be shameful at myself if I show you no improvement and just repeating same things over and over.

For this time, I specially tried to do something different. show the different side of me.

For example, if you are right-handed person, you will automatically use your right hand when you eat, to write or to brush your teeth, right?

I tried to use my left hand instead. So it was very tough for me. I was trying to get rid of those old habits. (of his way of dancing and singing styles.)

P: I loved the 'I'm coming' performance.

R: Frankly, I'm coming, the song itself might be not the best choice to listen itself, it is better to enjoy with visual together.

I focused the song and the moves as it can be easily used in clubs.

Such as the move, called 'salt shake'. The move is actually kind of old, but it fitted well with the concept so I like it but I don't know how people will think of how it came out.

P: I think it came out great.

Hey people, you can get online, come to 'gorilla' and you will be able to see rain on-air in real time, you can also text message 'questions' to rain.

Let us listen to the title song of the album 'I'm coming.'

(Song on air)

P: Your performances yesterday came on my mind during listening the song.

Bi did a little wave during the song for the people on-line. (Laughing)

OK, now, I will read some of people's questions and you give answers.

start. First one. 'How long will you promote for the album?

R; it is kind of dilemma, I will have to prepare for the world tour and so the promoting time will only be for a month.

Please understand my circumstance.

The world tour will start on 12/15 start from Seoul, Vegas, (and blah blah) total about 12 countries, total of 35 concerts.

If the concerts end successfully, I will able to be one more step up.. And so I am doing my best and preparing for the event, you can expect the best.

P: I do expect the best; please show more of your sexy side.

R: Of course. (Both laugh)

P: next question. 'What do you hear the most from people around you?

R: are your bones (muscles) ok? And how is your health condition?

Actually, my health condition is not at the best honestly. There is one thing I tell people, 'my mind control the body,’ I was just telling people.

But some people appear to take it quiet seriously.

It was not the serious statement or anything.

What I was trying to say was just, I am not sleeping enough for such a long time and so it is very hard for me to wake up.

So, I was keep telling to myself, 'wake up, you got to wake up,' things like that.

I was just keep waking up myself by mind control.

And before I go to bed, I cannot get to sleep if I am not satisfied with the day.

So I get up again and do a bit more of practice. Then I can sleep comfortably.

P: hey, that is kind of mental. (Being such an perfectionist) (Both laugh)

P: (joking as he is sick) I hope you get well. (Laugh again.)

P: Being a hallyue star is good but.. (You need to take care first)

R: Hey it is not only I. I was seeing JYP not sleeping and working hard, and I thought to myself, 'I wouldn't be like that'. But hey, I am just being like him. Just can't help it.

P: such an workaholic.

R: yeah. Splitting 24 hours to minutes and every time I am doing something I think to myself, 'ok, I got to do that in an next hour so this have to be done in such such time.

I am keep calculating times.. People, do not live your life like me, live easy..

P: yeah, I want YOU to live easy. That is my wish for the year 2006 even it's almost gone now.. (Laugh)

next question. Did you miss someone specially working in Korea?

R: What I have thought before I started back to work in Korea was that how will I show real me, (the right way..) and thought a lot on the issue.. The conclusion was that to simply show frankly of everything of what I did, how I did and how to talk, things like that.

If that was the first thing I had a thought on coming back to Korea, the second thing is that I miss my fellow buddies in Korea.

I could not keep in touch with them while I was aboard working.

After I came back, I started to call them and say hi again, and so I can keep my good friends relationship with them.

P: Congratulations. (Laugh) Yeah, you were only with JYP, people starting to joke you two starting to go out or something. HAHA.

R: haha. Yeah, we need some time split together!

P: next question. How you feel being an angel?

The album jacket reminds me of the character from the movie, x-man. You are having big wings.

R: I will explain. I tried to make the cover beautiful so that you would even want to frame it.

The concept of the album is that, during the past 3 albums, there was no such a concept or story.

With this 4th album, I thought I could try to share my thought and show some meaningful message.

The star has 5 apexes and so have 5 elements of 'hope, pain, sadness, happiness, and hunger.'

Me being Rain and an angel, the rain will make good things grow and soothe the bad (such as war, hunger, etc).

There is a desert on background. Me wearing a military pants and have wings.

I am not wearing shirts because it would look odd shirts with wings. It just looked the most natural wearing nothing but wings.

I worried how people would react seeing me half naked on the cover.

Fortunately picture came out nice and so I hope the picture did not give a wrong idea to people.

P: Don't worry. Picture look awesome.

R: Thank you. I also appreciate to the photographer who worked with me.

P: Was it easy taking pictures for the album jacket? Were you actually wearing the wings?

R: yeah, haha. The wings look big on picture right? But the actual one is pretty small. It was for kids. haha.

I was wearing that small tiny wings and was making a pose to look cool. It was hilarious.

If you look at the original picture before computer graphic-ed, you would laugh.

P: It would look cute. haha. Big bi wearing the small tiny wings. Show me next time. Next question. The hip tapping gesture in 'with you 'song is cute, where did you get the idea?

R: Me. I created the most of moves as always.

P: How do you feel different comparing to your 2 opposite sides as when you show your manly side with songs as 'I'm coming' and songs like 'with you'?

R: The dance look hard is actually way easier for me to perform.

Like, 'With you,' look pretty easy and comfortable, but is harder for me. It is because I am not comfortable as it looks and I should look comfortable.

Also me as being 25 years old adult, and to look cute, it is hard. haha.

I am just pretending to be a cute boy.

P: No, you ARE cute.

R: Those people who are having hard time watching me act cute; please try to take it easy for this time. haha.

P: I liked the way that you were turning your baseball cap around. Was it your idea too?

R: yes. Actually it was an improvised move, and people liked it and so I kept doing it. When I am happy on the stage, I do many improvised moves just for fun..

P: I liked it.

P: the bed song, so it means someone else is taking the bed you were used to lied on, right?

R: actually the song can sound pretty sultry. But actually the bed is stand for her heart.

It is as I was in her heart but someone else is taken her heart suddenly.

She is the bad girl! You know what? If any of you want to end the relationship and meet someone else, that is fine. But you should finish the relationship before move on someone else.

I think ignoring whoever you were having relationship with and move to someone else not even finishing up the old relationship, IT IS BAD.

P: yeah, I agree. Have you ever seen things like that in real life?

R:Oh, yeah. I experienced same thing when I was back in high school.

P: Oh really? OMG Really?

R; Why? You never experienced similar thing before?

P: No, never.

R: Ok. You cool. (Both laugh)

P: How you felt?

R: listen to the music. You will feel it.

P: OK. The lyric does not sound sultry anymore. It is so sad!

(In my bed song on air)

P: Ok, let's talk about your acting. You have worked with a lot of female actresses. Who worked with you the best?

R: I have received this kind of questions more than 100 times already.

I am not lying and I really learned a lot from all of the actresses who worked with me including Gong hyojin, who was the first partner, shin mina, song hye kyo and lim soo jung.

They are all great people and I think I am very lucky, always met good actresses.

P: If I ask to the actresses instead, who do you think will rate you the best?

R: Maybe lim soo jung because she worked with me the most recently.

P: Who is your ideal girl? I heard you like someone look good with jeans, simple t-shirts, clean.. and simple, right?

R: yeah, still the same. I like girls with clean and simple look.

P: Whom do you like more? Older than you? Younger than you? Same age?

R: I liked older girls before. Of course I still like older girls.

But what is different now is that, I have never even thought of dating younger girls.

I was young myself, immature, I was not ready to take care of someone who is even younger than me. You know?

P: Laughing

R: Why? What is so funny? (She’s still laughing)

P: You know? When I see you on-stage, you have such a charisma and look so manly.

But When I see you off-stage, it is hard to believe if it is the same person. haha.

You are.. What chum I call it? You are just not as same as what People see you on stage. You need someone to take care of you.

R:Yes, I agree. I need someone to take care of me.

P: When I meet Rain on hallway of broadcasting station late at night, he looks not-so-perfect condition, haha.. You know what I'm saying?

R: yeah, I am like a kid. And also act like a kid off stage. And that is why I had no interest to younger girls.

And Now I think I grown up little bit more and am ready for younger girl too. And so, I like both younger, and older girls, no matter if they are all girls. haha.

P: yeah, why limit yourself? Be open. (Both laughing)

P: next question. Were there any female celebrities who showed you an interest?

R: It is not only me, I think all people can show their interest and try out.

If I say no one, it would be lying. But I can tell you this there were NOT as many as you assume.

P: How can you tell if the girl is showing you an interest? You can misunderstand it when the girl was just acting nice, isn't it?

R: The case I am telling you is, some girls actually approached to me and asked to meet.

P: So directly?

R: Yeah. I received a phone call. And the girl was telling me what she thinks about me and was asking me to go out.. for dinner.. Oh.. I think I am getting to detail.. Let’s stop for their privacy.

P: wow.. How do they get your number?

R: hey.. Stop..

P: I still wonder how they got your numbers..

R: ok. You know? There are many ways to get my numbers since they are celebrity too. P: Oh yeah? What is the easiest?

R: haha.. Hey.. No more detail! Ok last. The easiest way would be, they can ask to people around.. Because they are celebrity too, many of their friends are my friends.. It all got connected like that.. So..

P: OK. I see. Next question. Are you kind of person who like to depend on girlfriend? Or do you like your girl to be depending on you?

R: half half. When I am having hard time, I would depend on my girlfriend, if she were having hard time, I am also ready to take care of her.

P: next question. What do you think of 10 years younger girl?

R: I don't care how older she is than me but if the girl is 10 years younger than me; she would be in middle school.

No way! 10 years older than me, I can handle that. I mean, I do not care about age. Age is just a number. The gap of age does not matter to me.

P: OK. Let us have a break, listen to one of my favorite; 'with you.' will you do brief information on lyrics?

R: yes, the girl left. P: this girl left you, again.

R: I know. Again. Why all the girls in my songs leave me?

P: (laughing) Maybe next album, make some of the girls comeback. (Laughing)

R: Anyways, in the song, I am telling the girl (who left me) about how is my life without her, and asking her to come back.

(With you on air)

P: All of your songs in this album are good. Specially, I like this song.

R: Call me on your birthday; I will perform it for you.

P: thank you, my birthday is coming soon.

R: oops. (Both laughing)

P: ok. When you come to my show next time, what can I do in return? Aroma candle? Oh. You might fall a sleep if I do that. Haha.

R: Thank you but no thank you. Being here is already my pleasure.

P: Next question. Is there any song you like to sing when you miss someone?

R: 'BogoShipda' by Kim Bum soo. I sing that song many times.

P: I think the song is very popular among singers. Can you sing a part little bit?

R: (sings a bit)

P: Thank you. It's almost the time to say bye.

R: Thank you for having me, I am glad that I made my first radio show appearance here with you. I enjoyed, and was very comfortable.

P: Hey, we're not completely done yet. Got more questions here. 'Were there any time you cried recently?'

R: While I was in the states, I cried little bit because I couldn't do something I tried.

P: Is there anything you cant' do?

R: there are a lot. Dance moves, singing. It was like a wall I cannot cross over. I was angry with myself. It was so tough and was feeling like to fall down more than 100 times daily. And so cried a bit. And practiced more and more. (And got over it eventually)

P: That is what makes you who you are now and how you came out so wonderfully with your new album.

R: yes, thank you. I will do my best.

P: do you have any plan to try 'musical?' since you can sing, dance and act.

R: Yes, I want to. But I have so many things happening around me, (world tour) and so when it comes the right time, I would like to try.

P: I love to see it. If you do it, I will definitely be there. Ok. Next question. 'I thought you would be pretty arrogant since you are a 'world star' as people say, but After I hear you on the radio today, you sound very humble, very different as how I thought you would be.

R: what the heck with the 'world star'. haha.

P: she says that maybe because since you are such a perfectionist on stage and the way how you talk on radio is very different, so that make people who are listening the radio realize that and be surprised.

People, listen to me, Rain is not like that in his real life. (They both laugh) OK. Next question. The reason for haircut?

R: I used to grow my hair long to cover up my not-so-handsome face, now, I wanted to change it.

Also I do way less makeup. At first, I worried about people's reaction on my appearance change, luckily people liked it and said good things to me, especially, and I even heard I look younger.

I know I am still young, but I felt good to hear that I look younger. Maybe it's the sign I am getting old. haha.

P: I like your new hair. I think it's cute. And also it goes well with your military concept too. Next question.

Is there anyone who you want to work together on your new acting project?

R: I want to try something different, something like 'horror'? I don't know, but not melo-drama.

It doesn't matter if it's TV drama, play or a movie.

I want to try something I do by myself without partner. P: how about the new movie coming out this winter? Is it Melo-love story?

R: It is a mixture of many things. It is a love story, and some of horror too. It is hard to generalize it to one specific genre.

P: Yeah, the director park has his own uniqueness. Especially with Rain in it, I can't wait to see it. OK.
For the last song today, 'Cassiopeia, I love the title of it. What's this song about?

R: The couple split up again.

P: Again. haha.

R: they are looking at same stars from where they belong and remembering each other..

P: I had great time with you Rain, say something to your fans out there.

R: Finally my new album came out, also the movie will be out soon in December. Hope you will like it. Always take care of your health and be happy. Thank you.

Translation by: 100010-soompi

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Wow! Das nächste Hammerinterview. Ich werde wohl doch länger brauchen als ich dachte um das alles durchzulesen was hier gepostet wurde. Tausend Dank Phoenix.

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Wow! Da habe ich hetue Abend echt sehr lange Lektüren vor mir.

Vielen Dank für deine Mühe, Phoenix!  Smile

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