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17 Oct 2006 - KBS FM2 Interview
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17 Oct 2006 - KBS FM2 Interview Eng Translation (Pt 1)

Song: I'm Coming...
Opening by Host

Host: When the entire world is saying "Rain is the best", Rain is still humbly saying, "I still need more practise, I am still working hard. It's Raining.

JH: Yes, I'm here. Previously, I've been wanting to come on this programme, but time didn't permit me to. After two years, I'm finally here. The last time I was on was 23 oct 2004. It has really been 2 years. Time passes so fast! Has it really been 2 years?

Host: It's FM2's anniversary tomorrow (In Korea, it's not easy for a programme to last for 2 years).

JH: Seems like my performance these two years have been going really well. Ha...excuse me...
(Claps hands and laughs adorably....his humour is a little too profound to understand sometimes )

Host: My opening speech just now was said by Bi himself (Should be from a script from the host)

JH: Did I say so much just now? Seems to be so...I really did talk too much...

Host: This are Bi's "his say". Bi's "his say" are really popular online now...Why do you work so hard?

JH: I don't have a choice. I'm greedy, like a kid. When I see toys I want them all. After I've done this, done that, it still seems like I haven't done enough. I'm still not happy with my first performance.

Host: Seems like you have no time to rest?

JH: Since my debut on 28 Oct 2002, there's never been one performance I'm truly satisfied with. (Rayndrop: Wasn't it 24th April 2002?! )
The only rest time I had was between activities when I was overseas. I could steal some rest in between...
Up till now, there's no really one time when I can really rest at ease.
My wish is to chase after my dreams and accomplish them.
When my dreams have been fulfilled, then can I rest at ease.

Host: Could you wish be to be able to rest and sleep for an entire week?

JH: If I can't achieve my dreams, I will continue to strive on...

Host: Sigh...what a pity...but I feel you can actually take a small break (the host feels that JH has achieve plenty already). Yet you are still striving on...you're really something.

JH: To be honest, in the past, I've always been resting. After I graduated from High School, I have been resting all the time (at that time, JH was still a trainee, waiting to release his first album). I think I've rested enough then already. Back then, I stayed at home and would call my friends to tell them the entire day's of television programmes. I sometimes even record the programmes and re-watch them again.

Host: So you've rested enough back in 2002?

JH: Yes. I've rested enough. I've recharged enough back then, so there's no need for me to rest anymore. Now, I can concentrate on doing what I want to do. After that, then I'll have a good rest.

Host: You're really something...really something. I think everybody feels that your 4th album's very successful. Your album is titled "Rain's World". Did you conceptualise this yourself?

JH: I think the message this album is trying to portray is not just about "Rain's World". There are meanings behind it. I wasn't aware of how the overseas fans saw me in the previous three albums.
When "It's Raining" was in distributed in Hong Kong and Japan, I went outside and realised many people knew me. That's how I can use this album this time to send out the messages I want to send out.
This time, I had the chance to go to really improvished countries. This enables me to understand that love requires not just money, but also heart.
Students can save the money on buying some things and donate them. Artistes can go perform in orphanages. But the best are still the looks of concern and gentle words.
The five-point star in this album represents...my wish to bring to those who does not have love, and light to those who has no hope...

Host: This spirit to help others is great...

JH: Very grateful to the singers who collaborated with me in this album.

Host: You worked with Lim Jung-Hee this time, didn't you?

JH: Yes I did.

Host: I saw Lim Jung Hee's promotion in the US.

JH: Yes. Lim Jung Hee sings very well too, and is preparing to develop in the US.
There are now many Korean singers preparing to break into the US market. I hope their do well there.
I will also work doubly hard to build up my strength. Hope I can do well there too.
I hope the western market can appreciate Asians. I also hope to get their attention...and develop smoothly there.

Host: Previously, I asked Lim Jung-Hee on your collaboration.

Lim Jung Hee: Bi's a very nice person. The song is very nice. Our collaboration was very nice. She said "very nice" three times.

JH: Hey Lim Jung-Hee didn't say my singing's very nice!

Host: Well, she said everything's very nice...
How was your collaboration with her?

JH: I focused a lot on singing techniques in this album. I hope I sang well. Spent a lot of time on practising my singing techniques, especially the duet with Lim Jung-Hee...Taking the example of some very popular duet songs in Korea, I hope this song will also be widely sang by everybody...Everybody, please listen seriously to this song!

Host: I just had a look at your autographed album. I looked at the album and thought, "That's not a human, is that? That kind of a body, and with wings! This should be a mythical character! What's the concept behind this album, and the wings?

JH: This is the meanings represented by the five-point star I mentioned earlier, and the wings represents purity.

Host: The producer told me I must say this to you: Your figure looks like a sculpture. How exactly did you work out to achieve this body?

JH: You just need to do some sit-ups and push-ups before sleep...

Host: How many?

JH: About 200 sit-ups and 50 push-ups.

Host: You do more sit-ups!

JH: Because it's more difficult to tone the ab-muscles. You have to keep doing them, or you'll get fat.

Host: How often do you go to the gym?

JH: I've been a little busy lately, so I haven't been going. Honestly, I don't really need to visit the gym, because I practise dancing every day. That's pretty good workout already... Actually it's not very good to have too much muscles!

Host: It's not too good to have too much muscles?

JH: I just want to present a better performance, that's why I made myself to become fit.

Host: It's a kind of good performance to show good muscles...

JH: Yes. I only wanted to present a better dance performance. The main focus is not on show of the muscles..Honestly, what's so good about having all these muscles?
I want to tell all those people who wants to shape their body: just eat what you want!
But I still have to pay more attention to my figure. Because once I have a tummy, my movements will not look nice and sleek.
The next time I switch to singing slow ballads, I won't take so much notice of my figure anymore.

Host: What if you become older. Become fat?

JH: Then I'll do some other performances, like play the drums win a band etc...

Host: Then you'll show your fans how you look when you're fat?

JH: I'll start eating like mad now...eat some high-carbo food. If everybody wants to have a look, I'll go fat in my next album. Please anticipate....

Host: You talk like you're not an artiste now...

JH: Exactly what's so good about having muscles?
To the average people, if you're not a model or an artiste, you really don't have to care too much about it.
But if my figure turns fat and I develop a tummy, I'm afraid people will start scolding me. So I have to take care of my figure, practise dancing every day...

Host: Yes! You work out quite a bit! I saw the showcase dance...

JH: Sigh...it's a long story. It's been a year since I've been able to eat properly...because I'm under too much stress!

Host: You've filmed a movie recently.

JH: Yes! That's why I'm under even more stress!

Host: The Showcase was a piece of work. You had more than 40,000 audiences!

JH: About 47,500 people. I never thought there would be so many.

Host: Someone wants me to ask why you decided to have such a big concert.

JH: To give thanks to my fans..

Host: What a cool way of thinking.

JH: This is after sales service. See, all the electronic products come with after sales service!
This is a joke I came up with especially for you. It's lucky draw time...you can pick a number now!

(The host and JH started playing...outside, the staff were laughing their heads off)

JH: In the last two years, I haven't met up with everybody. This time, I've prepared a lot. That's why the free showcase concept. I hope this showcase added some colours to the life of those who came. I want to give everybody the best concert possible. Use the best equipments possible. This way, singers will have a lot of good equipments to use in future.

Host: Is the production fee expensive this time round?

JH: Yes...very, very expensive. Even I got a scare. But it's to present a good performance to everybody, so I think it's worth it. Production for each song was near a billion won.

Host: So far, I haven't heard of such a large-scale showcase like use. You even hired a foreign choreographer! When I saw you coming out from the helicopter, I was so touched I almost started crying!

JH: That was really very expensive. It was my idea. Really so sorry to my company, because it's so expensive. I only dare to apologise to my company now. But next time...please prepare a Sonic 747...hahaha!

Host: That will be more expensive, won't it
I heard the dance choreography involves many different elements?

JH: The coming concerts will have even more different elements to the dance choreography, different from what was shown in the showcase. I will have plenty to present.

Host: Then the showcase is only a portion of the concert?

JH: Yes, only a small portion. The coming concert is indeed too impressive! It's my best piece of work since I've picked up dancing from young. The content will be so exciting and touching. The showcase is only a kickstart. Following that, there will be 35 shows in 12 countries in Korea, US, Japan, Thailand...

Host: Then all the staff will be touring with you?

JH: Yes, everybody. It's going to be a major concert.

(The host was chatting too happily with JH and forgot the time. Outside, the staff was busy trying to cue the DJ that it was about time to play music.)

JH: The person outside looks really angry and fierce.

Host: In actual fact, he is a very fierce person...

JH: That person loos like his eyes are emitting fire...no...like they're emitting killer lasers...

(Obviously over-running but the two are still chatting. JH and the host seemed to have hit it off...)

credit : Bi's Kingdom

RAIN Germany

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RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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(No subject)
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Argh! Hat das heute hier eigentlich noch ein Ende? Wann soll ich denn das alles lesen? LOL. Danke Phoenix! Als Cloud KANN es einem einfach nicht langweilig werden. Wenn er grad nichts macht, tun die Clouds eben was und alle sind bedient und beshäftigt. *g*

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Ich finde es immer sehr schön, auch "ältere" Sachen von Rain zu lesen, die man nicht mehr so leicht findet.

You rock Phoenix! Danke für all diese tollen Interviews!

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Dein kostenloses Forum -> Super Funktionen, leicht bedienbar, 400+ Styles, schnell einzurichten

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