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30 Dec 2005 - Taiwan's Peach Protein Interview
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2005.12.30 Taiwan's Peach Protein Interview Translation

Patty : Patty Hou, Rain : himself , JYP : JY Park
(words enclosed in brackets are comments I added to clarify)

Translated by : Sun@RainSingapore.com

Welcome to Peach Protein.
It's a real rare opportunity today as this is the only exclusive interview RAIN is accepting for his prescence here in TaiPei, here at Peach Protein.
I have been working at AZIO for so long and this is the first time I see the studio so crowded. U can see almost everybody here.
Let's us give RAIN a grand welcome.
Welcome to Taiwan ! Welcome !

(applause and cheers)

RAIN has learned some mandarin. Can you greet the audience in simple mandarin ?

Er...Ahmm..Hello everybody. I am Rain. Happy New Year.

Happy New Year !
RAIN's schedule is actually rather rush (tight). He has just arrived in Taipei this morning and after the press conference in the afternoon, and its immediately to the interview.
This is your 2nd visit to Taipei. (You) probably won't have a chance to look around. What's your impression after seeing the warm welcome from your passionate fans ?

I arrived in TaiWan in the morning and am very happy and touched to see so many fans receiving me (at the airport).

I know a lot of people spent at least 2 weeks and above queuing to see your concert.
And a lot of people who likes you gathered at AZIO early this morning to wait for you.
And we see that you have made very good accomplishment in a very short time.
A lot of fans are looking forward to your performance in Taipei.
I understand this afternoon (probably revealed in the Press Conf) that you have worked hard this part few years, especially you made a lot of observation, and look at why some failed and why some become successful (learn from others' experience). It's the same for you and your teacher and your team.
What do you think most captivates you when you are examing something... for an example, I know that you like to watch Awards ceremonies (recorded sessions of) and would view them many times.
Which area do you think you would spend time examing?

Firstly, I feel that I have confidence in everything I do.
I should do well in many things I do. Especially now, not only for those (colleagues ... should mean in Korea) around me. In China,
Hong Kong, Japan and Thailand, for those working with me, how I should work hard so as not to disappoint them. And I hope to make full use of all opportunities.
This is the expectation I have for myself everyday. Time is very short (tight), tomorrow will be the Concert, I hope those fans who queued in the open for me can watch the concert in the pink of health (meaning hopefully nobody catches a chill while queuing in the cold!!)

I know that RAIN will be going to the States for his Concert Tour sometime in the future.
And Rain has also said that he hope he is not just a Singer in Korea, but he also wants to be a singer in Asia.
What different kinds of qualities do you think one should possess to be a Singer in Korea and one in Asia?
Or what in your opinion should an Artist in Asia be like?

Ahh...Firstly, I was born in Korea, so I am proud to be an Asian.
Asia has great potential. Especially in this century. Asia (musical industry) has the geographical advantage and trend that excel from
other regions. (oh.... I don't know how to translate that... should mean musical industry in Asia has grown tremedously compared to other regions).
I hope Asia's music can be exported to the United States or other European regions ..especially for Asian Artists or Korean Artists.
I am not restricted to be an artist in this region only. We identify ourselves as Artists from Asia.

I always feel the impact whenever I see RAIN's performance on stage.
The first time I see RAIN dance, I find the tempo very fast and the speed also very fast.
The fist thing comes to my mind was many's idol "Michael Jackson" (RAIN nodded). How do you see him ? (Michael Jackson)

Ehh.. Michael Jackson has been my idol since young. I should say that I have been under a lot of his influence. It's an influence that I take heart and I digest some of what I learnt from him and absorb that into part of the characteristic of my performance.
I hope to learn more from these Super Stars and add value to my skills (Err.. can't find a suitable word for it... so I use skills).

Actually now when many sees RAIN (or got to know him), you are already famous and very popular.
But before you become famous, you have been through a difficult time.
What strikes you most between then and now? Or what do you think is the greatest difference (between then and now)?

Ehh..I think everyone will have the experience of going through a growing process.
when you are faced with a major event you find that a lot of situations you encounter is unforeseen.

When I was young, I like dancing and singing
I have ever went hungry for 4 days because I had no money. That is because I do not have financial power then.
I had also ever dance just to have a good meal.
I had to earn money with my own abilities.

That memory made a lasting impression in my life. I do not have such worries now, but i did went hungry when I was young and went through a lot of pain in the process of earning money. I hope I do not become proud. I hope my experience will provide me room to grow.
Although material gains are important, but reputation is more important. Thank you.

I know a lot of people will feel that people that are famous gain a lot but they also loses a lot.

When RAIN just sat down, the first question I wanted to ask you was is it always that so many people follows you wherever you go? And (there's always) so many pairs of eyes gazing upon you all the time .... How do you adjust to this in your life?

Ahmm..I do not really agree with you on this question (.... should mean about the question implying that he is in the lime light all the time). But if you feel that way, then I feel very honored. Not only in Korea, but also in other countries wherever I go, many would look at me with a gaze that is filled with love and care.

Sometimes I feel that it is pressurizing, sometimes it's a burden.
But I tell myself I have to work hard.
As an artist, I believe I lose a lot of things.
I have ever thought of giving up myself, that was the old me.
I have to work (hard) for the previlidges I am enjoying now. Things like the good food that I get to enjoy, are among the things that I gained. But I will also lose some things.
That is why until today my girlfriend has still not surfaced.
I only see the progress to my future (career).

Mmm..so you just said when times were bad, you did not even get to eat a meal.
What are the things which you previously long to eat and can get to eat now?

Ah ! The thing I wanted to eat ... a year ago when I came to Taiwan, I had this stuff dumplings (Xiao Long Bao).
Just by thinking about it, I feel like drooling already ... (hmmm... not really answering patty's question).
A very delicious Stuff Dumpling in Taiwan, I must eat that.

Patty: so can you get to eat "the stuff dumplings" tonight?

Rain: Yes

Patty: (you) really can?

Rain: Yes

Patty: (laugh) You probably need to eat under the gaze of many...(Rain nodded)

Rain: Then I want to eat it quietly in the privacy of my room, to really enjoy it.

Would it be because of this (meaning always under a lot of attention) For example, whenever you go out, there is always a lot of people. And when do get your own time, what are the things you like to do? Do you stay in your own place or would you go out ?

Rain: Err..If I have spare time, I would like to go travelling.
But I do not have the luxury of time (spare time), in my mind, I do not have such a big plan.
But I have a childhood dream to fulfill and to achieve the future dream, I will stumble and gain in experience and also need to grow to have a big heart of tolerance.

It's actually not easy and very hard (for you), like when you are very successful in your career, you may need to give up something.
Like for example, RAIN just mentioned earlier that you are not able to start a relationship. But as it is, you are still young, you are only just over 20. There should be times when you would want to have a girlfriend.
Have U met anyone you like at work or be unable to express yourself despite meeting the one you like, so what do you do?

Maybe there is a lot of persons I used to like, but I do not know how to express myself and also I do not have the time.
If I love someone but I do not have the time to protect or take care of her, I feel that this is inadequate.
I yield to have a steady girlfriend, but I do not have so much time. This is a real pity.

Patty: so what do you do when you see a girl you like?

Rain: Ah...I will put her in my heart

Patty: You will put her in your heart and not say anything?

Rain: Must put her in my heart

Didn't your friends around you help ? So... how do you woo a girl?

My producer, JYP, who's like a big brother to me, always wanted to help introduce someone to be my girlfriend. But I am afraid. Till now, I feel that it is too early to start a relationship.

Oh...perhaps you need to spend a lot of effort on your work
Then what kind of girls do you like? Do you like sexy girls? or those with good figure?

Rain: I like all type of girls

Patty: (laugh) Good (OK)

Actually, it's probably very tough (for RAIN), he has no time to have a girlfriend, and is always under the gaze of so many as soon as he steps out of the house, but he has a good teacher and friend and also a partner at work.

He's the one RAIN mentioned earlier, JYP, let us welcome this 'teacher' (Patty address JYP as 'Teacher') to also come and have a chat with us today on the process of how he met RAIN

Let's welcome JY, welcome !
wow, Teacher looks like a big star himself.
Welcome to Taiwan, please have a seat.
Would you say hello to our audience first ?

Err..Hello everybody ! I am JYPark
Very Happy to see you

This is JYP and also Rain's teacher, because he's the one who discovered RAIN. And now, aside from becoming RAIN's best friend, he's also RAIN's good partner in his career. Let's find out how JY discover this star of Asia ?

(addresing JYP)How did you discover this Star of Asia?

Err...It's .... umm 5 years ago huh? right?
Ahh.. He just came to the company for audition and Ah..he ... sticked out, out of like, it was like, that day we had like 10 people auditioning but he just sticked out ... not because...not because he was great in singing or great in dancing or he was handsome, it was, his eyes...was so passionate like, His eyes was almost telling me like I cannot fail, like I have, I have to be picked, like his eyes was so passionate like I cannot deny (him).

After, after producing a lot of Singers before like GOD, or Park Ji Yun and Pu Ji Ying
After producing all of these stars, I get to appreciate the passion way more than the singing or the actual talent.

Because actual talent can take you, so far. But if you have the passion and motivation, that's when you go till the end.
So, for me, if I see those passionate eyes, that's always what's What's (what it is that) grasp me, my attention.

So teacher especially just mentioned that back then it was not because RAIN was exceptional in his dancing or today he does very well in his singing, but it was the determination in his (RAIN's) eyes and his passion toward his work, like saying 'I cannot fail'.
So intially it was this that attracted JYP's attention.

But there's a lot of people who also have a lot of passion (toward their work) but not many will eventually succeed... so let us also ask, how would RAIN sustain (what are the plans to let RAIN carry on) and excel in Asia
I am sure a lot of people will have passion for something that they love but, not many people can be successful like RAIN. How did he make it this far?

Err..of course, of course, Err ...of course he's very blessed with talent. But, my point was, not trying to say he's not, but I'm trying to say there's people like him, who doesn't have the motivation and passion to make it through...Err..the people who just have passion, it's pretty difficult. You have to have the talent also.

He, He is very talented, not, not only in singing or dancing, but he is really talented at catching other people's reaction. Even in language (meaning audience of different language??) or dancing scene (??) He has a very good eye and ear of catching something. I think that's where his good acting talent comes out also.

UmHmm. Exactly, he is humble and down to earth. Everybody loves RAIN.
I want to also ask RAIN. Because My teacher, "Ge Jie", mentioned today that RAIN's teacher trained him well and cultivate him along the way and taught him well.
But (we all know) A teacher that teaches well would usually be every strict. Have you 2 ever argued? Or when you do quarrel, who listens to whom?

You mean in the past ??.... Err...

(JYP places a hand on Rain's shoulder)..... AZIO added these notes to the screen next to JYP(Think before you say huh !!)

Patty (in the background): (you must) answer properly , be careful

In the past, I have been lectured really hushly and been through very harsh training.
But he can help me make plans for the future. He gives me the opportunities to demonstrate my ability on stage

jyp is my benefector, my hornored teacher. He is also my planner, he is not(only) my instructer. He is the strength that helps me plan and fulfill my destiny.
This is not something that can be explained in a few sentences.

Especially for a Singer, planning for future release of albums and the type of songs for the future or the direction of release of the albums etc... these are all provided by my teacher. I can say that he is closer to me than my own brother.

Teacher will say that the more one loves his disciple, the more hush he will treat him. RAIN also mentioned earlier that he has been given very hush lecturing. How hush was it? For example has he (JYP) said anything that hurt you ? And you have become better because of that ?


Patty (in the background): was he very fierce ?

Acutally JYP understands me very well.
He knows where I am lacking....we are very particular about our pride.... I think many will have a lot of own ideas and values their pride a lot. I am especially like that.

So JYP uses this to motivate me, so that I can have new inspiration and rejuvinate with new energy...this is the important part which he understands me.
Although he is very fierce, he has never punished me physically. We communicate through words

Words sometimes can hurt more than physically punishment.
We say that guys have a strong sense of pride...however, it is not easy to handle (use of one's pride). How does teacher handle it, what is the best method to use that would best encourage him (RAIN)?

I, I think, I think the easiest way for me to make him move, is basically saying "I am not, I am not going to release your album".
That one word...is everything

Patty (in the background): That's a threat !

JYP (continued):
Like I don't have to, I don't even have to say anything, I just have to say "You know what? may be you shouldn't release that album"

... and then because, to him, becoming a singer and being on stage was everything in his life. If ...he gambled all his life on that, so if I, if I say "ok, I'm not gonna to make you a singer" ... then he just, he just ... "what, what can I do?" so ... he had ...I, I kind of used his passion to be on stage, so I didn't have to say anything else, I say "You know what, you shouldn't be a singer" and then the next day he's like ready.

Then he'll try everything.
Becoming a friend, from, from a teacher, becoming a friend now as a partner, how do you adjust that because sometimes, before you probably tell him what to do, or you tell him...maybe he learnt a lot of things from you...but now, he knows what he wants to do.
How do you balance between those?

I always balance the same way. I did it with G.O.D, I did it with Pu Ji-Yoon. It's always, when they 1st started, I tell them more.

But as they grow, I listen more. Because it's basically it's their career and Artists especially when they reach their like their 3rd album,that's when they should have their own world, then I should respect it.

So I think really on "It's raining" album, that album was when he, that's when he became an artist. He designed everything by himself.
So I just hear what he wants to do and then I just made the music, I just support him of his vision that he's painting.
So I think every artist should be like that and every producer should always be ready for artist to grow and give them room to grow

Mmm... I feel that this is hard to come by, for a teacher to become a partner and in the process, teacher also said, "Previously I may have said more, now I listen more, because this is RAIN's career.

Now that we see that rain has made such achievements, he must have gone through a lot of hardships along the way. Can teacher (jyp) tell us more? Earlier RAIN only told us that he did not get to eat... but there must be more...maybe some would say that RAIN is not good looking enough or some would say that there are things which RAIN did not do well...teacher, how do see him get through all these?

I find this very funny: that is, (Now) many say that RAIN is very handsome

Patty (in the background) :
Ya right!

but before, (people) would say with that kind of looks, how is he going to make it in the entertainment industry? Actually, RAIN's face has not changed since then, his face is always like this, he looks exactly like this a few years ago.

So at that time, many were trying to persuade me (against signing RAIN)..."you should rethink about it... his face is ugly". I was like ...That's how people look at him at that time.

In my eyes, I, i, i really, he looked so attractive to me... not because of his face, but it's, it's his inside and his passion, everything kindna reflected on his face. But back then, ya, like people was really trying to stop me...yah, so funny, ya...

Aye, so how does RAIN look at this yourself ? We know that in Korea, most people pay a lot of attention to their appearance.

I remember when I was in the University, I have a flat mate who is a korean. I remember her 20th bday present is to have cosmetic surgery for her eyes and nose..... koreans are very particular about their appearance. What do you think about appearance?

Umm..I think I am now very pleased with my appearance.
I used to think my eyes were too small and they were weakness, but now I think they are my strong point.
I feel that it is now the trend in Korea...

So the standard for "beauty" has also changed... it used to be that men with large eyes and pleasant look are "handsome", but now the emphasis is on looks with a characteristic...a very definite ideology for characteristic looks... it has become a trend in todays' Korea(laugh).

Ya, now seems to be the in thing to make ones' eyes smaller ...now many guys with big eyes must be wanting to make their eyes smaller and mesmerising.

Earlier, teacher mentioned that it is very easy to motivate RAIN.
That is just to tell him that there will not be any more releases of albums for him .... But now we see that RAIN not only does well in his albums but also in acting.
This is also because in acting, more people will get to know RAIN.

So does RAIN prefers acting or singing?

Personally, I feel that when I got the opportunity to take part in acting in a TV serial, it was not to be famous but I want to experience and attempt different areas.

In earlier opportunities, I wish to attempt various different types of roles. But now, I feel that I need to set a goal for the future and a target on how much to accomplish for that goal. This has always been in my mind, to improve my strength. If my strength is inadequate, I will go downhill, so this is the most important thing

I need to work on... I also want to know where my future lies, I need to persist to make myself stronger.

Hmm.. actually in we have interviewed many who are accomplished and famed. I feel that every one of them holds a great sense of responsibility toward their work.

We can see the hard work put in by RAIN and his teacher. Earlier we mentioned that RAIN seem to be in control of everything he does and he is always faces challenges with passion. But, does he ever have any moment when he is bad tempered?

Umm...sometimes I based on his character and pin-point certain things to guide him, I do not get a very good response.

On the contrary, he is one who is more receptive to "teaching by love". I need to give him more encouragement. That way, he will react better and try harder.

now we have a relationship like brotherhood, I hope to say that I have a heart for a lifetime friendship and brotherhood. Although Rain is younger than me, aside from his impression (appearance?), the desire to learn that he radiates is what I think I should learn from him.

Earlier we mentioned that their (RAIN and JYP) relationship is like family. I also know that RAIN has a story. It's very touching when I hear it. It's about your mum passing away when you were younger, and she did not have the opportunity to see how successful you have become today. RAIN always wear a ring wherever he goes, is this the ring your mother left you ?

My mother gave me her ring as a gift when I was in 3rd year of high school. We were very poor then, not only materially, but also suffering mentally. At that time, my mother's health condition was very bad and she passed away later.

I grew up in these conditions and it adds to my personal strive to succeed. I have seen my mother suffering and her fight against her illness left a deep impression in me...it cuts like a knife. So now my hard work on stage is nothing compared to my mothers' suffering.

But in the process of growing up, the impact of this has been very great, this has become the force that is driving me to work hard.
One thing I regret is that even though I have earned a lot of money, I have not given my mother a good meal or bought her any flowers.

This is something I really regret. I envy those who still have their mother. And now, me and my father, I would take all opportunities to spend time with him. I am not good in expressing myself, my point is that even though I do not say much at home, and I find it hard to say the word 'love', but there are many methods today to maintain that bond, especially when I am away in concerts, I would use the email to send a message to father or brother or sister. If there is an opportunity, use the email, or snail mail will do too.

So if young people today have this opportunity, they should grasp it (should mean about keeping the bond with ones' family, in his case Mother, when one still have them).

Although I have lost my mother, it is painful for me, but it's (memory of his mum) a great pillar of support for me mentally, and that is always driving me on.

As for the ring on my finger, I lost my mothers' ring when I was very busy at work quite a while ago. I never find it and a fire broke out in my house, at that time, the ring was lost. (...but why did RAIN laugh at this part??)

As for the ring I am wearing now, its from the time when I held my concert in Japan, a fan put it on for me (I think he used aunty, so the fan must have reminded him of his mum). That fan said "this is a very expensive ring". I have not taken it off since.

I'd like to urge for those who still have their parents and siblings with them to always remember to express their love, to use the money they've earn to treat their family to a meal or express our love.

Umm... Actually (your) mum can see that.

And RAIN has been urging for many out there to remember to be filial while they still can, i.e. while you have the opportunity to tell your family you love them, don't hold back, be generous with expressing your love.

Now, we see that aside from having your mothers' love for you, you also have the love of many, many who likes you. Let us take a look at the love and passion you give us when you are on stage.... Let us have a look at the exciting clips from RAIN's concert (clips from HK Rainy Concert....)

OK we have just seen RAIN's charisma on stage...Oh...it's really unforgetable. I remember the first time I saw it, I went "WAH!".

And then My first impression was that, we rarely see an artist from asia that can perform on stage and dance with such magnetism that we only see in international star. I remember when I was younger, we see that in Michael Jackson, and now we see it in Asia, an asian
that can also dance so well, with such good tempo. I find that rain's tempo is especially fast. right?

Is this what you would also wish to create ? A different type of dance to bring to your audience ? (Rain nodded)

Won't U get hurt easily when dancing in such fast tempo?

Umm... so sorry... this may be a short coming...I have been told by others that my dance technique has no feelings. So now I feel that dance technique is a skill. You adjust between fast/slow tempo and it's like a light, floating kind of feeling...then to stepping down
heavily (forcefully) kind of feeling. So I hope to, although each has their own opinion, I hope to work on my dance technique to strength it with speed, of course technically, I still need to improve / strengthen the chorograph of the dances with new ideas.

Have you ever have the experience of using a lot of force for a step, and felt a lot of pain and the next time when you perform the same steps again, you tell yourself to use less force?

Ahh...sometimes when you are dancing, because for everyone who dances, they will know that, when you dance,e.g if the dance step ...Umm..when dancing, you won't feel pain even if u break a leg.

Because when you are in the momentum of a dance, you will feel you are immerse in enjoyment, and you will forget about the pain. You will blend into the atmosphere of the dance, so under such circumstances, you will not feel any pain. It is only when I went back stage, then I realized that I must have hurt my leg. Maybe then I would get an ambulance to send me to the hospital....etc. things like these will happen (I think he is giving an example...).

Wow, you can all see, it is really very tough for you. We see your exciting performance on stage but we would not see all the hard work that goes on off stage or back stage. All the sacrifices you have to make.
(That brings us to ...) something deep from (RAIN's) heart ....

Actually this time round, aside from coming to Taiwan for his performance, RAIN also wish to do something for charity in Taiwan.
So, he has brought with him, a lot of clothing, necklaces .... especially this necklace, it is actually very precious. RAIN has brought some neclaces to Taiwan for charity auction.

We would like to take this opportunity when he is here to let people know that there are a lot of people out there who needs our concern and help. Over here, we can see a neclace bearing RAIN's signature, and there's also some T-Shirt and other accessories. These items
will be put up for auction, you can see them in azio or imtv web site....We also hope that U can extend help to more of those who needs help because of your fondness for RAIN.

Thank you for taking time from your busy schedule to come to this exclusive interview. Can You say something to everyone in TW and Asia through our camera?

Ahh... Thank you! (laugh) Thank you everybody...I hope (you will) look forward to my concert. I love U (...all, plural).

Patty: JY

Thank you all fans for your support given to Rain.
Next year will be an important year to us.

Aside from the hard work Rain has put in for Asian Countries, I have also made some plans in the United States. I hope to introduce Asian Artists to the United States. I believe, in the past, there has been many asian artists who has been to the United States, but few succeeded. We learn from their experience. I have started preparations 2 years ago, so we are seeing stable results since this year and we have released a few albums. So next year will be RAIN's year of success. He will enter the US Market.

RAIN also mentioned earlier that in the US, you can find Asia's Yao Ming, Japanese base ball players and Japanese and Korean cars in the streets..... but you won't find Korean or Asian Music. So I hope to be able to bring the culture of Asian music into the US. Hope
everybody supports us.

I love u.

Actually we can see that in Asia, a lot of people has been working hard and we hope that in future, through the hard work of our Asian Stars, people from all round the world can get to hear the voice of Asia.

OK, let's hope we can to see RAIN more often and wishing you success in your future endearments. Here's looking at you for tomorrow's concert ....

Thank you. (mandarin)Thank you. (english)
Thank you. (Korean)
Thank you Thank you Thank you.....

From rainphilippines.com

RAIN Germany

RAIN Germany on Twitter

RAIN Germany on Myspace

RAIN Germany's "Special Website"

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