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Oct 2008 - Rain, “The age 27 means a re-beginning from ...
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21 Oct 2008 - Rain, “The age 27 means a re-beginning from scratch to me”

Rain, “The age 27 means a re-beginning from scratch to me”

Q-You appeared on an entertainment program as soon as you made a comeback. How does it feel.
Rain-I think there’s been a change in my attitude. It was comfortable than before.

Q-You appeared on entertainment programs during your 4th album also.
Rain- I did. But people around me still ask why I appear on such programs.

Q-People must be feeling uneasy with you as you earned the title ‘World star’.
Rain-I try to do as much activities as I can, but maybe it doesn’t seem like it to others.

“I’m a weird guy in the Hollywood filmmaking scene”

Q-Your appearance in Hollywood was quite fast.
Rain-Back then I thought my future was more important than money.
         I thought I wouldn’t have another  chance.

Q-How did the audition go.
Rain-There’s 2 cameras. With my short English, I said “I can do it, trust me.
         Please. (Laughter) But that must have looked cute.

Q-Naomie Harris said she’s “never seen anyone work so hard before” on <MBC Special>.
Rain-But I like that. It usually takes 2~3 days to do something in U.S, but it’s done in a day in Korea.

Q-Was that necessary.
Rain-It’s a battlefield. I was well known after that. For hardworking.
        Just at that time the Wachowski brothers were making <Ninja Assassin> and they needed
        the main character to overwork their body to bring out the physical abilities. So they chose me.

“If there’s going to be <I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK 2>, I would like to participate.”

Q-The workout you’ve been doing for <Ninja Assassin> was something that can bring out the extremes
    of physical abilities.
Rain-Right. They made me do physical workout and not only muscular workout.
         Hollywood demanded that. That is what the movie needed.

Q-But the roles you play in <Speed Racer> or <Ninja Assassin> are typecast. It’s a strong character.
Rain-They’ll be all sorts of responses after its release, and I’ll be making another challenge based
         on that critique. I wish to step towards those who have supported me before that time comes.
         So maybe the movie <I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK> means a lot to you.
         The shooting was hard, but I was able to devote myself purely to acting.
         If there’s going to be <I’m a Cyborg, But That’s OK 2>, I would like to participate.

“I think I know what dancing is now. I want to make a movie on dancing”

Q-Didn’t your list of choice become wider in Korea.
Rain-Right. I want to star in a dance movie before I grow old.

Q-Your dances at the showcase was as if acting different characters freely.
Rain-I know it’s always ‘Oh, I’m trying my best, and I’m going to conquer.’ (Laughter)
        So I wanted to show a free side.

Q-Before you showed powerful dances but now you show restrained movement.
Rain-Before, there were lots of exposing and powerful performances, and this time,
         I thrived for the beauty of restraint.

Q-‘Rainism’ isn’t a kind song itself also. Isn’t it made for performance.
Rain-First I thought of what makes Rain, Rain. Rainism is just that.
         I just wanted to give an expression ‘wow, Rain is the greatest on stage’.
           ‘Love story’ is a easy listening song so I classified the visual from the listening.

“In a way, <Rainism> is my first album.”

Q-Did you want to show who Rain was, rather than a big hit on the album.
Rain-This album is a scarce opportunity that I had, which I could do anything I want.
         The release of my movie and the English album has been postponed…
         So since I had songs I had been preparing for a year, I thought why not release an album
         I produced. It’s my first album in a way.

Q-JYP said that Rain has really never made a hit with his song.
Rain-I think what he really meant was distorted. I can’t just think of the Korean market.
        So I made this choice considering which parts I can bring to the extreme. It’s now or never.

Q-So you are a sport even when you are free.
Rain-Right. I like talking so much that I would like to try for an MC later on.

Q-Don't you think people could hate you for trying to be good in everything?
Rain-I’m the type that says “hook me up with someone, I’m lonely”, but I can’t just say
         “I’m lonely” to not  hear “that guy is full of spirit even there.” That’s faking it.

Q-Don’t you have to catch your breath.
Rain-I rest when I have to. Every time during an interview people ask me
           “how’s it feel to become global?”, “Shouldn’t you live your life more comfortably now?”.
         But I’m already living comfortably.

Q-And you sleep 4 hours? (Laughter)
Rain-Not really. (Laughter) My worries in 'Knee Ascetic'was how I could “meaningfully spend my 20s”.I want to go on a date, hold hands with my girlfriend.

“Honor is important to me. That is my proof.”

Q-What’s your motivation to move on, giving up all that.
Rain-Starvation. In high school, no one lent me their hand when I was starving. Only JYP did.
        That is why I started to sing, and why I stand alone.

Q-That starvation sounds more like recognition and love than tangible things.
Rain-Right. Honor is important. That is my proof.

Q-Now you are responsible for everything for that honor.
Rain-I have to. It is a burden. But that is ‘my way.’ I wanted to test myself. Could I do well?
        Maybe not. There will be failures. But the challenge must go on.

Q-What does the age 27 mean to you, responsible for all that.
Rain-I’ve just become more abundant than before, but it’s a restart from scratch.
         I’m making my go again.

Q-Again? You always seem to start from the beginning.
Rain-I’ve made it this far, always thinking of a year later.
         I could have fell if I was satisfied with how far I came. That’s my life.

Q-When you reached your goal, and can no longer maintain your physical status
    as a super entertainer, what do you wish to do?
Rain-Family. And with the money I saved, I want to build a school and support the kids
         who don’t have enough money to learn singing and dancing, just like my youth.
         I don’t know how it’ll work out, but that is another goal after my 40s.

credit: T magazine
translation/edited: rain bird-rain-eu

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